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i'm really excited to be blog swapping with Abbey from Along Abbey Road today!
i found Abbey's blog a few months ago and have been totally in love ever since.
her style is amazing, she is absolutely hilarious, and her baby boy is freaking adorable.
you guys all need to get to know her better! 

and be sure to check out my post on Abbey's blog here 

Hello, Mrs. Robinson friends! I am Abbey from Along Abbey Road, a personal style and lifestyle blog mixed with bits of ridiculousness. So happy Megan is letting me hang out with you all today! She is such a sweet, charming gal and her blog instantly makes me happy!

A little about me...

I've been married for 3 years to my awesome husband, Matt. We have a studly 4 month old, Luke. We are obsessed with Disneyland. I eat Oreos like nobody's business. Matt does exceptional made up Broadway performances. Luke's full-time job is giggling and squawking. One might say it's quite the circus over here.

So something funny happened the other day. It all started with a visit to Coronado island -- the one by San Diego, not the Disney one. Just thought I'd clarify since we dub ourselves as Disney fanatics.

We decided to take a break from all the walking around and people watch for a bit (another one of my favorite things, but I'll save that for another story). Matt went out to take some pictures of the beach, so Luke and I perched our behinds on some chairs on the boardwalk at Hotel Del Coronado. As we sat there minding our own beesknees, two Chinese tourists rushed up to us. I was a bit alarmed at first thinking they needed directions or something, however they wanted to get a picture with our devastatingly adorable Luke. Not a big deal, right? After all, he is one of the main attractions on my public blog so I didn't mind that. I was rather flattered. For Luke, that is.

Here was the kicker... she wanted to hold him and pose for her very own picture with him! No way, Jose! She held out her arms to take him and I stuttered a pathetic lie, "Umm, no? He's, uhhhh, sick. Sorry." Three seconds later when she was still holding out her arms to grab him, I realized my awful fib wasn't going to work like it does with random English-speaking people wanting to hold my child. I was stuck. What was I going to do with such an awkward language barrier moment? After all, she could have been trying to steal my baby to sell on the black market. I've seen Taken and I don't know how to track down human traffickers and kill them. No thanks.

Luckily, we finally came up with a solution and she just squatted down next to us for a picture. They were crazy excited. Looks like they weren't trying to kidnap our little Lukey after all!

And that's my funny story. Be sure to stop by Along Abbey Road for more silly anecdotes and fun moments!

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