thank you for your patience


i feel like i have neglected my blog lately.
writing posts, responding to emails/comments, being on Facebook, guest posts, promoting, …
i really do have stuff to say!!
and i apologize for my neglect.

but i’m also not too sorry because i get to spend more time with these cute boys.
right now, we are on our way to go feed the ducks

so if you are waiting on me for something, thank you for your patience!
i will get back to you as soon as the ducks seem satisfied.


Alyssa said...

It's always so important to be with family! Have fun with those ducks! (:

Alexis Kaye said...

You don't owe us an apology! Blogging is certainly not the #1 priority in life :) I'm glad you're able to be seeing those boys you love so much!

leean robinson said...

Sounds like you have your priorities straight. I'm glad Adam has more free time to spend with the two of you. Have lots of fun this summer doing stuff like feeding the ducks!

Mel said...

you have the best excuse in the whole wide world. Spending time with your wonderful family. No need to apologize!!! We will be here when the ducks are satisfied ;)

Ashley said...

Never apologize for spending time with your family! That is the most important thing. :)