now with an iphone, time in the virtual world can be nearly endless.
constantly checking facebook, twitter, instagram, blogs… playing angry birds, fruit ninja, words with friends, draw something…
lots and lots time away from real life & real people around me. 
of course it’s not all bad and there’s amazing good that comes from technology
{example: these videos!}
but there definitely has to be a balance.
and that is something that i definitely need to remember!
“To be encircled about in the arms of His love will be a real and not a virtual experience!”
-Elder David A. Bednar


Chelsea Olivia said...

I wish you luck in finding the balance...and when you do, please let the rest of us know!

Chrissy said...

I totally agree, the Internet can really suck you in! I have been trying to cut back on online time as well! Good luck finding balance! xxx

Alyssa said...

Love it!