a son’s love

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there’s something special about a boy’s love for their mother.
different from the love between father and son.
and it’s almost indescribable until you have a boy of your own.

i joke a lot about how i can’t wait to have a girl or girls seem so much easier than boys.
and part of me really does believe that.

when i found out we were going to have a boy, i was totally shocked & yes, a little upset.
i didn’t grow up with younger brothers or have lots of little boy cousins.
when i babysat, i never knew how to handle little boys!
but i totally got little girls. they were my favorite!

so when we found out we were going to have a boy, i didn’t really know what to do.
why would i be given a boy when i have no idea how to deal with them?

but now i know exactly why.
i needed Elijah.
i needed to have that special love & bond in my life.
i needed to feel the love that only a son can give.
and it is greater than i thought it could ever be!

the way he smiles so big once he sees me come through the door in the morning.
the way he knows i will take care him no matter the need, problem, or boo-boo.
the way only mom knows the right way to kiss owies goodbye.
the way he snuggles up into my chest and begs to be sung to before being taken into bed.
because only his mama can sing that way.

there is definitely a very special & very sacred bond between mother and son that can never be broken.

i am so grateful i have my little boy in my life.
it would be dull without him!


Ashley Malan said...

Very sweet!

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley said...

I love your family!!! I will tell you though, girls are harder! Or at least mine is really challenging. I want the next to be a a boy, one of each would be great. Both are incredible really.

Unknown said...

How sweet!

Unknown said...

i feel the same way! after hoping and hoping for a girl, i've realized that having two boys who cuddle and love on me is going to be so awesome. everyone always says boys love and cuddle their moms more, and i totally believe it. who knows if that'll be true when/if i have a girl but for right now, its so fun to have boys. =)

:: ashley :: said...

i totally am in your boat, i was scared of boys, but now I love them so much! they are so sweet

Rachel said...

love this...and little boys. I am not sure I could handle a girl! I would be happy with all boys, haha.

Unknown said...

I've always been partial to little girls too... Until my little nephew. Then you learn it's just a different kind of love with a boy. :) Such a good momma you are!!!

Claudia at Lashes and Beard said...

What a wonderful, touching blog entry. My son is only 2 months old but I know what you mean. The things only mommy can do are so special, but even more so are the things only my baby can do. Like make me want to pull my hair out in frustration one second, then coo over him the next haha. Great blog! Glad to be a follower (following back from the Mingle blog hop).

Blessings to you and your family!