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Hello Big Belly!

We could probably just sum up the next few posts with "Elijah had the time of his life." 
Because seriously, this kid did not stop smiling with all the fun things he go to do. 

He got to go to a fun kid's park called Pixie Woods where there were lots of different playgrounds, a carousel, a train, and a fun splash pad. Everything Elijah loves. 

Plus he got to go to the zoo, the mini theme park, ice cream pretty much every night, camping, movies & gummy worms, Super Mario games, swimming, boat ride... 

I told Adam multiple times I wish I had his vacation. ;) 

He was totally spoiled. And he had a blast with all that stuff. 
But what I loved seeing the most was Elijah playing for hours in the backyard and making friends with the snails and bugs. I had never been more proud to see him come inside dirty from playing in the dirt. I loved seeing him have the space to just be a kid! 

After coming back home to the sweltering heat, I think I'm ready to move to California. :)


Julie said...

it looks like he had a great time! We are taking our little one to a similar park for the first time this summer. I'm so excited!


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

What a cool park

Kelsey Eaton said...

I can't get over how much Elijah looks like you.