This picture cracks.me.up. 
Their face is the exact same!! 
I can't even handle the perfectness of this shot. 

Here are some fun Elijah-isms lately. 

"Mom, are you mad and grumpy?
"Yes, because you won't listen."
"You need to go to bed then." 

The  mornings are still really hard for me and I usually am dealing with an onslaught of Braxton Hicks contractions making it harder to get out of bed. When I tell Elijah to wait a few minutes so I can get up because I don't feel good, he rushes out of the room and comes back with a cup of water for me. 
"Here, Mom. Drink some water and you feel better." 
Sweetest kid ever! 

"Good job, Mom!! I'm so proud of you! Yout cut [my nails] softly! Good job!! 
We can be friends now."

Last night he was trying to get game down from the closet to play and said,
"Oh man! It's too high up there! How am I going to get that down? I not big enough."
Then when I suggested he ask Adam to help he said, 
"Hey Dad, do you think you are big enough to reach the games? Oh good job, Dad, you are big enough!!" 

He's very encouraging as you can tell :) 

He was really determined to take a sticker off my apple for me and said,
"I will do it because I a good sticker take off-er." 

He also likes to go around and tell me,
"I a good helper mom. I'm big & strong!"

Elijah hates change!
I mean, I do too, but his is pretty extreme. 
We recently moved out of our apartment to a rental home and every day since we moved E has told us how much he doesn't like our new house and wants to "Go back to the 'Bird Home' because it's so cozy!!" (It's called the Bird Home because the sign used to have a bird on it) 
His hatred for change even goes as far as complaining that the Netflix app on my phone is no longer red but white & black now. 
He seriously complains about it every day. 

He also hates that I made him sleep with a new, lighter blanket so he doesn't sweat to death at night. 
It's all too different for him. 
He is a strong lover of routine & consistency! 

He loves to use my stomach as a pillow, much to my discomfort, and looooves his back tickled. 
And asks me to tickle with my "claws" (nails).
{sound familiar, Mom?}

This kid sure is entertaining us every day. 
I can't wait to hear all the things he has to say once baby sister comes around. 


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I always enjoy read what Elijah say to you guys. Have a great weekend.

ChristmasOwl07 said...

kids say the darndest things. and we should all make books about it. :D He's so cute that's for sure. Baby sister is gonna be way too small to do alot :p


Julie said...

haha he sounds pretty adorable! My daughter is only 16 months so it will be a little while until we get to that stage. She still does sweet things sometimes tho and I love it