love of grandparents {& micke grove}

Take Elijah for an afternoon of seeing little animals and that boy is in heaven! 

There is this little {and I mean little} zoo that we went to while visiting Adam's family and even if it was not the most exciting place for adults, Elijah thought it was just as great as going to a big zoo. 
His favorite part was seeing the rooster (of course) and kept trying to chase it around. 
I mean, out of all the more "exotic" animals, the rooster is what he focused on. 

My favorite part was seeing Eli grow closer to Adam's parents and see their relationship blossom. 
He didn't mind following grandpa allll around and holding his hand. 
And actually smiled and posed for pictures with Gigi. 

Every day when Elijah woke up, he would come in our room and the first thing he'd say was,
"Where is Grandpa and Gigi??"
And every day when Adam's dad came home from work Elijah would yell "Grandpa!" and run to him. 
And when Adam's mom was sick for the first few days, Elijah was so upset and kept saying, "But Gigi is sick for too long!" and couldn't wait to see her and play with her. 

Even though we are far and don't get to go see them too often, I'm so grateful for the relationship that Elijah has with Adam's parents and the bond that they share. It means the world to me that Eli has such loving grandparents who want to spend time with him, make memories, and spoil him rotten. I still cherish the relationship I have had with my grandparents and only hope the same for all my children. 

I mean, grandparents are kind of the best! :) 

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