magic of Funland

Isn't it amazing how things that we, adults, might think is totally lame and dumb can make a little kid feel like he won a trip to Disneyland?? 
That is probably one of my absolute favorite things about being a parent: seeing the excitement & wonder in Elijah's face when he does new things, things that I know I take for granted. 
He's a pretty excitable kid and even the simplest things seem to bring him the most joy. 

Bubbles, puppies, shaved ice, chickens, airplanes, finding a coin on the ground... and cheapy, old carnival rides that just go around in circles are just some of Elijah's favorite things. 

Even though we adults might not have been able to do anything exhilarating at Funland, seeing Elijah light up as if he was at Disneyland was pretty much worth it. 

{Thank you Gigi & Grandpa!} 

Also, this was Elijah's first reaction to the fish ride because he said he was too scared of the octopus. 
We all pretty much died. 
This scene was also very worth it ;)

He got brave enough to open his eyes soon enough though. :)


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I love that kids get so happy over the smallest things.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

So sweet! So glad you captured his reaction, those pictures are priceless!

Kelsey Eaton said...

hahaha that is hilarious about the octopus