I'm on a boat { + getting healthy}

Continuing on with scenes from our vacation 
{that I totally dropped off the blog-o-shephere during...} 

One of our favorite things to do when we visit Adam's parents is get to go on the boat. 
Elijah loves being on the water and going really fast! 
And it's always really cool to see the huge ocean-liners & ships that come in from the sea to get their shipments. [Stockton has one of the most inland deepwater ports coming from the Pacific Ocean.]

Grandpa even let Eli drive the boat which he was pretty stoked about. 
Seriously, this kid belongs on the water! 


::P.S. :: 
We as a family have been trying to make better goals to eat and live healthier. And also the baby is pretty much forcing me to because SHE HATES ALL FOOD! But really we have been trying to be more aware of our eating habits and fill our bodies with more whole foods & snacks. 

So I am really excited to try out this virtual e-course my friend has been putting on each month that helps motivate & support you through the transition to a healthier life! It is called Healthy Habits and starts at the beginning of each month. [It might not be too late to sign up for this month or you can wait til next]. It's a 28-day course with virtual e-coaching, daily lessons, action steps, and email access to a certified Holistic Health Coach. 

You can find out more information here and sign up for the course. PLUS you can use this code for a special 10% off! 

Here is a little sneak peek of what you will get with the course: 

Hope to see you in class and hear about your experiences! 

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