the next Phil Mickelson {cause Tiger Woods is a bad role model}

Last month we signed Elijah up for a free Junior Golf League activity day where he got free golf lessons {that he ran away during}
and a set of golf clubs {that he has since taken apart/bent a million times}.

He was kind of a terrible golfer and was more distracted by the water pitcher but fun was had all the same
{except Adam was got a little tired chasing him after the 8th time...}

Adam was his golf caddy and they tried to dress similar for the best dressed contest
{that we missed because I got light-headed & sick and needed to leave. yay pregnancy!}
and seriously, I thought they totally killed it!
If we had stayed the last 15 minutes I'm pretty sure he would've won the prize.
But even then, I'm a proud mama to see these two cute guys out on the green together.

Already doing the dentist stuff I guess. :)

But come on, how cute is he?!?! 
I sometimes get ridiculously prideful over how cute that little stinker is.
{not about his behavior though. I refuse to own up to that.}

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sound like they had a great day