big tops & big bumps

top: c/o Choies // skirt: c/o Very Jane // shoes: Target (2-ish years ago? similar.) // necklace: c/o That's So Fab

So this is my bump... And I realize it looks ginormously huge in these pictures so that's always a nice eye-opening experience... And as you can see the reason why I haven't posted many pictures of my growing belly yet, ha! 

Besides my unfortunate angles in these pictures, I really like this top and received it before I was pregnant (or actually knew I was pregnant). It's really great quality and so comfortable because it's a big, flowy top. And when I don't have 3 extra large bumps to cover it fits really well. But I now see that big, flowy tops are not always your best friends when you're pregnant and make you look 9 months pregnant instead of 5. 

Besides my need to relearn how to dress my body top, I love it. :) I love mixing & matching it with different accessories and colorful bottoms. And polka-dots are just always a winner in my book. So basically this top has been loved a lot already and I've been trying to get as much use as I can out of it before I look even bigger and more awkward. 

And this skirt!! Best.Ever! 
Basically I could sleep in this thing it's so comfy. And it accentuates my new, pregnancy-induced budonk-adonk which I'm not always proud of but Adam does appreciate. ;) 
I'm really excited to be able to wear this comfy skirt all through my pregnancy plus be able to wear it afterwards because it stretches and fits any form & body type. 

Very Jane is one of my favorite deal sites because of the wonderful quality of items they share and the wide range of goodies you can get. It's a one stop shop to get all the latest trends from clothes & accessories to party supplies & home decor. I'm so grateful they gave me the opportunity to try out their site and get this beautiful skirt that will be a huge benefit through this whole "I-hate-my-frumpy-body" funk pregnancy seems to do to me. 

But seriously I really am only about 18 weeks in this picture, not 36. It's just the second pregnancy thing right?? 


Kelsey Eaton said...

You look amazing! Your hair is getting long and I love it! I always loved your long a line too but you just always look wonderful.

Chrissy said...

Ah, you look absolutely amazing! xxx

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

You look fantastic!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

your baby bump isn't huge. It is cute

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

your baby bump isn't huge. It is cute

Amber Marie said...

My good friend has that skirt and says the same thing about it being the most comfortable skirt ever. very inexpensive too. You hardly look pregnant and I only say that because you think you look so large. If you put a belt around that shirt you'll lose the puffiness of the shirt and show of the cuteness of that belly (like under your chest). After 3 pregnancies I love getting dressed with a pregnant belly...most likely because that is my "problem" area so it looks so much better when there's a child in there ;)

Unknown said...

I think we must be looking at different pictures because your bump is not huge, far from it actually!