Color Fun Fest

So I'm basically a crazy person and decided to sign up to do a 5K. 
At 20 weeks pregnant. 
Cause there's no pressure quite like peer pressure right?? 

I had a BLAST running the Color Fun Run 5K with a fun group of girls from my church. 
Colors being thrown at you + an epic dance party at the end, how could I say no? 
It was seriously one of the best girls nights I ever had!! 

I was super proud of myself too because I actually ran most of the time.
I wasn't planning on running and was just going to walk but I knew I wanted to at least run in the beginning. I ended up feeling so good that I just kept running and only had to stop a couple of times. I actually felt like walking hurt more than just running so that helped me keep going. And I was able to finish strong and still jumped around like a crazy person at the dance party. :)

I'm so glad I have a great group of girls around here that motivate me and reach out to me especially when I need it most! I had been feeling kind of down lately and in a funk. And then I heard about this fun run and decided to sign up and it was sooooo worth it!! I needed that reconnection and that fun, crazy, girlfriend time! I feel so much happier and rejuvenated (and sore!) and more like me, but just 20 lbs heavier, ha. I still got moves though!

Thank you for a fun night girls!! 
It was epic. 
And I definitely will be signing up for the next one, even if I'm 30 weeks pregnant ;)


Unknown said...

You are the cutest pregnant woman ever! Also can't believe you ran this at 20 weeks!! I can't even climb a flight of stairs without being super winded. Looks so fun.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I so want to run this. The one here in Frankfurt got cancel. Going to try to run it in Berlin.

Kirsty and Seth said...

Ah, this looks like so much fun! There's one in London I really wanted to do but it's on a Sunday.

Amy said...

Your little pregnant belly is adorbz. Good job, girl!!