scenes from the weekend

Gentri 12Gentri 5BBQ pizzaGentri 7frozen yogurtGentri 11 
1. trying to take a decent picture together. it took multiple tries.
2. and then we ended up laughing ridiculously hard so i look like i’m crying/about to pee my pants
3. amazing BBQ chicken pizza
4. little girls’ dance concert
5. Yogurland frozen yogurt, nom nom nom!
6. cute Gentri

this weekend, i got to spend some time with one of my very favorite bloggers {and real life friend} Gentri Lee!
if you haven’t heard yet, Gentri will be moving down to St. George, Utah at the end of the week to attend aesthetician school. and i’m going to miss her looooooooots!!

Gentri was one of my very first blogger-turned-into-real-life friend and has really shown me so much love and support through this whole blogging journey. i totally look up to her and her unfailing kindness towards others and positive outlook on life! i feel so honored that she took me under her little blog-wing and reached out to befriend me at a time that i really needed the encouragement.

thankfully, we will always have blogland and so she will never be too far away from me!
cheesy much??
but seriously.
i will miss her being so close!

so for one last HURRAH before she leaves me for warmer weather, Gentri came over to my ever-so-glamorous student housing apartment on Thursday night and took pity on me we chatted all about the ups and downs of blogging while making delicious BBQ Chicken Pizza! [recipe to come]

it was a lot of fun & completely refreshing to talk to someone about blogging who 1. knows from experience the same joys and frustrations and 2. isn’t annoyed with listening to you talk and talk and talk about it because they feel the exact same way {unlike husbands sometimes :)}

it was also fun to see how quickly Elijah warmed up to Gentri and kept insisting on feeding her his goldfish.
he can be pretty shy around people but after a couple of minutes, he did not hold back his craziness and much of the night was spent corralling his energy…. thank goodness Gentri has been a nanny for a while and wasn’t too annoyed with my rambunctious child, ha!

on Friday night, Gentri was down in Provo again to see a dance concert at a studio she used to teach at. after seeing how my child is constantly bouncing off the walls knowing that i could use a break after a stressful week, Gentri invited me to go to the dance concert with her. it was such a cute concert and one part left both of us trying to hold back our uncontrollable tears.
but that moment was so special to me i wanted to write about it in a post of it’s own.

after wiping away our tears and gaining some more composure, me and Gentri headed over to Yogurtland to partake of its sweet goodness {my first time ever} and talked until almost midnight.

it was seriously a perfect, very much needed, girls night out!!
     good luck with school, Gentri!
i’ll miss you


Courtney B said...

How FUN!! Wish we could do more bloggy girl dates!

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Awe, sounds like so much fun! :)

Gentri said...

Noooooooo my big head picture! hahaha! Oh dear...

But that was such a fun night! Both nights! I'm gonna miss you to! We'll always have blogging.;)

Shabby Chic Boho said...

The pictures are awesome and I'm already missing Gentri! who I don't even know. I know how hard it is when friends move away.
I have never heard of BBQ chicken and I hope and pray Abby don't. Her favorite word is "shiken" and my favorite pizza is veggie lovers. I'm still trying to convince her there is "shiken" on it, this grandma lies when it comes to pizza. The one and only meal I've so far been able to keep eating despite the fact that it's not covered in "shiken"....
I'm so interested in you doing a guest post for my site. I'd be forever in your debt if you would!

... said...

Aw sad she is moving but how awesome is blogging that we can all be in touch and see what is going on in one another's lives! :)

jessica ♥ The Fevered Pen said...

That's awesome! I can't wait to move home and have those kinda nights. :)

Ruthie Hart said...

I love hearing about bloggers who become true, real life friends. Isn't it amazing how God can bring people into your life in such crazy ways!

Alexis Kaye said...

you girls are both such sweethearts!

Anonymous said...

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