BIG {500 follower} group giveaway!!

when i first started this blogging journey, i always hoped in the back of my mind that i would be able to reach a larger audience of women to help motivate & inspire.

i thought that goal would take years to accomplish.
so when i looked the other day and say a big 501 in my gadget i felt like i could cry.

i’m so grateful to all of you for wanting to hear what i have to say each day.
i’m grateful to all of you for supporting me and being my friends when i needed them.

i know it might sound silly to people {especially those who may not blog}
but in a way, i feel like this blog and all of you have blessed me in so many ways i cannot even describe.

i know it is because i chose to open up about my struggles and reach out to a wonderful community of women that i am happier today than i was a year ago.

so thank you thank you thank you for seeing me through it all and blessing my life!

and because i have amazing sponsors this month, they are helping me celebrate by giving away some awesome prizes for 21 lucky readers!!

first, i do want to say though that my sponsors really have been amazing!
i have mentioned earlier that this month has been crazy hectic and i have kind of been the worst sponser-er…
{is there a word for a person being sponsored?? am i have a total brain fart right now?}
but my sponsors have been so INCREDIBLE and so kind & supportive even when i have been the lamest.

so i just want to say a very public THANK YOU shout-out to all my wonderful sponsors!!
and if you haven’t gotten to know each and every one yet,

okay now on to the awesome prizes!!

[there will be one winner for each prize! that’s 21 winners!!]

$20 Shop Credit to Beck-A-Boo Crafts

you cannot tell me that these aren’t the CUTEST things you have ever seen!!
i am completely and enormously obsessed with these booties and i desperately need a girl so i can get her some in every size and color.

Rebecca is offering one reader a $20 shop credit towards any pair of boots in her shop!
if you win, please please post a picture of your baby in them so that i can melt :)

blog / shop / facebook

$20 Gift Card to Target from Our D.I.Y. Diaries

Jen, Laryssa, and Courtney started this great blog showcasing their every day crafts and help motivate others to do their own budget friendly decorations! i love how their houses are transforming with all their simple DIYs and can’t wait to have a place big enough to do some of my own!

today, these ladies are giving away a $20 gift card to Target!

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Orange & Neutral Beaded Necklace from Rhi’s Designs


of course i’m biased {since she’s my sister}, but Rhiannon of Rhi’s Designs really is extremely talented and creative!! her necklaces are all one of a kind and gorgeous! i’m totally jealous that she got the creative genes in the family and can produce such beautiful pieces without batting an eye. i mean seriously… how is that fair??

today, she is giving away the above necklace at a $15 value!

blog / shop / facebook


Beanie in the color of your choice from Alisha & Brandon


Alisha has been a great friend to me and i have loved getting to know her through her blog. she recently took up knitting and made that adorable hat!! i absolutely LOVE it and i know one lucky reader will too!

Alisha is giving away a beanie {similar to the one pictured above} in your choice of color!

blog / twitter

Blog Design for Header, Button or Social Media Icons OR Ad Space from Little Miss Nerd Girl


some great design goodies to help spruce up your look! Lacey from Little Miss Nerd Girl is giving away your choice of designing a new header, button or social media icons for your blog/shop OR a 300x100 ad space on her blog for the month of February.

blog / design / facebook / twitter


Blog 101 E-Book from After Nine to Five


i actually took this course after winning it in another giveaway and it.was.AWESOME!! Ashley is really able to help you figure out all the nitty gritty of blogging and gives you tips to help make your blog grow. she also helped me figure out exactly why i blog and what i hope to gain from it. definitely an e-book worth reading if you are getting serious about blogging!

blog / shop / facebook / twitter

Ad Space from Jenni Austria Germany

Jenni has a cute, fun, and hilarious blog that is sure to bring any blog/shop traffic! She is giving away a sponsor spot on her blog to help your business grow.

blog / twitter


Blog Design Social Media Buttons and Medium Ad Space from Royal Daughter Designs


if you are looking for more ways to spruce up your blog look, head on over to Amanda at Royal Daughter Designs! she works hard to give you the special look you want and make it unique to you.

Amanda is giving away individually designed social networking buttons for your blog AND a medium ad spot!

blog / design / facebook / twitter

$30 Shop Credit from Along For the Ride

i want everything in Laura’s shop!! it is so darn cute! and a $30 shop credit can go a looooong way to help you get a lot of favorites.

blog / shop / facebook / twitter

$15 Shop Credit from From the Guest Room

Kate of From the Guest Room has beautiful knitted items that i think are pretty essential to your winter wardrobe! i especially love this rope necklace that she is modeling above!

she is giving away a $15 store credit to one winner today!

blog / shop / facebook / twitter


Pretty Zipper Pouch from Polkadot Pretties

1.10 018

Claire from Polkadot Pretties has some seriously beautiful products! you would think she sewed her whole life instead of being a self-taught sewer just last year!

today she is giving away this beautiful zipper pouch to one lucky reader!

blog / shop / facebook / twitter

Medium Ad Space from Boyish Chic


Jillian has a great shop and blog where she talks a lot of fashion and style. i always like seeing how she styles items and her awesome moving pictures that she does!

Jillian is giving one winner a medium ad space on her blog!

blog / shop / facebook / twitter

Print of Your Choice from Cinnamon Ink

i don’t think i’ll ever be able to adequately describe my absolute LOVE for this shop!! when i saw Kate’s artwork for the first time i couldn’t get it out of my mind and i am now determined to get a whole collection of her prints one day.

when she said she would offer a reader one print of their choice i could have died with jealousy!

blog / shop / facebook


Bow Hair Clip from Sea of Blooming Dreams

mrsrgiveaway (1)

i just recently found Erica’s shop and already i’m totally in love! she has some serious talent, that girl!

she is giving away a bow hair clip from her shop today!

blog / shop / twitter


$15 Shop Credit from Whimsical Poppysmic

Chrissy is a very talented lady and a true friend! i love seeing all her shop items and what designs she comes up with next. and i totally want that above embroidery like nobody’s business!

Chrissy is giving away $15 shop credit toward any item in her shop!

blog / shop / twitter


Large Ad Space from Finding the Beauty in the Ordinary

Heather is one of the nicest and most genuine bloggers you will ever meet. and today she is graciously giving away a large 200x150 ad space for one reader which includes twitter mentions + group sponsor feature. working with Heather is a great way to get your blog/shop noticed and she does a great job supporting you to fulfill your goals!

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$50 Design Credit from Small Bird Studios

Screen Shot 2012-01-17 at 10.00.46 AM
[example of design work by Franchesca]

Franchesca is another one of these amazingly talented designers that can take your vision for your website and make it better. she is giving away $50 credit towards any blog design.

blog / design / facebook / twitter

Earrings of Choice from Mama Nest Designs

Tricia has some amazing handmade earrings in her shop that are absolutely beautiful and colorful! i am especially coveting these beauties! please get them for me :)

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$25 Shop Credit from Miss Mommy

Nicole’s shop has some incredibly beautiful products that i have definitely been swooning over for a long time! and to add to her awesomness, she is quite honestly one of the kindest and more supportive bloggers/shop owners i have ever met. when i first started working with her, she did all that she could to help me get the word out without me ever really asking. she is just automatically your friend!!

she is giving one winner a $25 credit to her shop which is totally incredible!! if you get one of her wrap bracelets, i would be forever jealous.

blog / shop / facebook / twitter


Large Ad Space from My Unrehearsed Life

Ashlyn from My Unrehearsed Life is giving away a large ad space on her blog that includes an individual giveaway and/or a guest post! Value of $25. Great way to help your business grow!

blog / facebook / twitter


$10 Starbucks Gift Card from Keeping Up with the Cantelmos

Melanie is a great inspiration in the blogging community and has quickly grown a large following! she is so nice to offer a $10 Starbucks gift card to one lucky reader today to help with their morning coffee/hot chocolate runs :)

blog / facebook / twitter


remember: there will be a winner for each prize!


click on “read more” to enter!

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I did a couple now I will do some more latern:)

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Awesome giveaway! Congrats on 500!

Ashley said...

I would love the ebook. I was thinking of starting my own blog and that would really help with all my questions.

Matthew said...

Wow! That was so easy and fun! Thanks Megan! So . . .I got so excited I think I entered some I shouldn't have. I don't need any that do advertising and I think I entered Boyishchic and FB in the ordinary? I think these were for advertising space and I would feel bad if I won because I wouldn't need that so if it's not too much trouble maybe take my name out or if by some crazy chance I win one draw another name instead. LOL. Sorry! But thanks again. Hope all is well! Love ya!

Candace Shiflet said...

yay! Totes entered like 12 times haha Thanks for this cool giveaway!

Lovely Little Rants

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Yaaay! Got all entered! So excited!

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YAY for 500! You ROCK!
xx. Jillian

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i did all 62 entries. wow.

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what an amazing giveaway!! and congratulations on 500 followers :-)

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Awesome giveaway!!!

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I follow on google connect as "anash"
Thank you kindly!

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Anash said...

I follow on bloglovin and my email is anashct1 {at} yahoo {dot} com

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Yay happy 500 - get it girl :)


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Entered! Good luck everyone! :)

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I'm a follower! Congrats!

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WOW! What awesome stuff! Is it possible for one person to win them ALL!?!?! Haha and congrats on the milestone Megan! You deserve it :)

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Congrats Megan!! Amazing giveaway!!

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Wow, congrats to me, too, I did it all! :-)

GFC: gaby
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Congrats, girlfriend!! So happy for your little blog :)