the end of one dream and the start of a new one


i posted my last Stronger Marriage post last night.
after a year of being their “freelance blogger,” it has come to an end.

i knew it was only temporary
and i knew that other students from different colleges would want the chance to help others as well.

but it’s still very sad to say goodbye….

writing for Stronger Marriage was my absolute dream!
when i chose my major, i had a goal to someday be able to work with and write for an organization to help couples and families. and then quite literally this internship with Stronger Marriage showed up in my inbox one day and i applied immediately! 
[it was honestly one of the only moments in my life that i truly believed in myself and felt like i was capable for the job. which is saying a lot…]


it still seems surreal to think that i was an actual paid writer for an amazing organization.
what is even more surreal, is the amount of support and encouragement i have received from family, friends, and even strangers from all over the country!
there have been times where comments, emails, and Facebook messages left me in tears because of the incredible outpouring of love i received.
{my favorites were always, “did you actually write this article??” :)}

to add to all of that generous support, i was able to meet Dr. Liz, a marriage and family therapist who works with and used to write for the blog, who told me that it was an honor to meet me in person and that she greatly appreciated and loved my articles.
like a real deal, popular {in Utah} marriage therapist thinks little ol’ me writes really good articles!!!!

i pretty much just stood there with my jaw dropped after that.

this has been a total trip!!
i feel INCREDIBLY blessed for such an amazing opportunity to work with
and for learning to have greater confidence in my abilities!

and while i’m sad to go, i also have developed a new dream and ambition
{similar but with new terms}
and a whole new sense of faith in myself


i realized the importance of speaking up about marriage and family
i realized the importance of sticking up for what you believe in
{being courageous!}
and i realized the incredible need there is for more people to become a voice for healthier marriages

so i’m not going to stop.
i’m going to keep writing, keep encouraging, and keep believing that i can help make a difference.

i don’t need a professional organization to tell me to write about topics that i already feel strongly about.
i don’t need paperwork and deadlines to follow my dreams.
not anymore.

when i first started, i needed the push,
the encouragement
the support, to help guide me to where i am now.
but i think now i have to tools to take my dream to the next level.


yes, i may not be writing for anymore.
but i have this voice and this platform on {And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson} that i shouldn’t take for granted.

and so help me,
i’m going to make the most of it!!

so be prepared for new marriage articles to come to a blog near you!

i’m not giving up, guys!


[you can read my final Stronger Marriage blog article here]


jessica ♥ The Fevered Pen said...

Great article! Can't wait to read more posts on marriage. Seriously, for some reason its taboo to talk about marriage issues and how to resolve them. That's why i'm stoked to have found your blog! You've inspired me and made me realize that everyone has marriage difficulties at time!s and that strengthening your marriage bound and admitting you want to or need to doesn't mean your marriage is gonna fail. Thank you

Aubrey said...

I'm so inspired by you...seriously so inspired. I've never been one to dream big for fear of disappointment, but I need to just get over it. Thanks for inspiring me to get a little outside my comfort zone and dream a little bigger.

Ruthie Hart said...

I really look forward to you posting more and more about your experience, time and articles at Stronger Marriage. I LOVED reading your work there and I honestly think God gave you a voice to touch many! Keep writing girl

mK said...

Great post! So timely for me to read. I too recently finished a job that was a dream to have in the first place. Now that I am in a new season, I just keep telling myself to have courage and push forward to make my dream a reality. It's fun but soo scary! Thanks for your words and quotes. I love the one from Walt Disney...soo true!! Thanks!! -Kate

Alana said...

I definitely think you should keep on doing your marriage posts! :)

Ashley Malan said...

Very inspiring Megan!

Kate said...

Megs, I have LOVED reading your Stronger Marriage posts. You have no idea how much you have helped me and my husband. Keep on writing girl, and follow those dreams!

Emma Frances said...

You wrote so many amazing, inspirational articles! What a wonderful experience for you and I can't even imagine how many people's lives you touched!

Alexis Kaye said...

That was such an incredibly opprotunity and a blessing I'm sure came from doing the right things! Good for you! I'm sure you've learned a lot and will move on better. And I definitely encourage you to keep writing about marriage! It's SOO important

:: ashley :: said...

that was a beautiful article! you are so lucky to have such a great opportunity but you are right- it doesnt end here! you have the amazing outlet of the blog and I am excited to see more of your writing!