count your {little} blessings

day 6day 6.2{so grateful for this little boy!}

i mentioned in this post that these last couple weeks have been pretty exhausting.
this last week in particular with trying to figure out insurance policies, who pays for what, and medical coverage.

but even with all the stress and hours on the phone with insurance companies,
i am reminded of the small blessings that i need to be thankful for in all of this mess.

1. i was alone in the car.
if Elijah was with me when the girl hit me, you can guarantee i would not have been as nice and understanding with her!! yes, he would’ve been in his car seat but as bad as my whiplash is
{the other driver was going at least 45 mph when she ran into me and i was at a complete stop},
i don’t even want to know what would’ve have happened to his little head getting knocked around

2. i was sitting back in my seat, relaxed, talking to my dad to wish him a happy birthday.
i think the fact that i was more relaxed helped me not have more injuries from tensing up before the crash.
i also usually drive really close to the steering wheel so because i was leaning back more waiting for the light to turn green, i wasn’t close enough to actually hit my head against the steering wheel to cause more injuries.

not only was i relaxed physically, but i was able to be relax mentally as well. because i was talking to my dad, i was able to stay very calm when i realized i got hit. i know that if i did not have that lifeline in a way, i probably would’ve been pretty hysterical and not know what to do. but my dad was able to keep me relaxed so i could deal with the situation calmly.

3. there were two cars in front of my that had just started driving away when i got hit.
because i was waiting behind them at a stoplight, i was sitting pretty close to them and could’ve have easily been pushed into them with the amount of force i was hit. but since the light had just turned green and they had started driving away when i had gotten hit. i know this small little blessing helped the accident not be as bad as it could've been
{4 car collision?? no thank you!}

4. insurance companies who [may take forever to get stuff filed] have been very understanding and helpful to get things taken care of. we haven’t had to pay any out-of-pocket expense {yet} and being on a super tight budget [and barely able to keep that], that is a HUGE blessing to not have to worry about car repairs and x-rays on top of everything else.

5. i have highly supportive friends and family who have been so kind and understanding even when i’m completely out of it.
it’s hard when you’re on the mend to not think of all the stuff you need to do but can’t because i can hardly keep my eyes open or focus enough to get it all done. but i know i have been incredibly blessed with amazing friends and family {and readers & sponsors!!} who have been so understanding through it all.
especially when i don’t make any sense or it takes me forever to get something done….
{sorry guys!}
this situation could be much more stressful without their support!

i know these are just small things and maybe they seem kind of insignificant.
but to me it has seriously made {all the difference}

i know that if i just continued to focus on all the frustrating/painful/horrible parts of it all, i would just be left even more bitter and stressed.
but being able to recognize these small blessings has truly made this experience more bearable!


Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Love this post megan! It's always amazing when you can find the good when something bad happens!


Bree said...

Thank you for some needed inspiration!!

... said...

Girl...I didn't know this happened?! I am so glad that you are okay and that Elijah wasn't in the car. I hope your aches and pains are going away!

Ruthie Hart said...

what a blessing for all these little things...God is watching over you and E for sure! I hope you guys get it all figured out. Ugh I hate getting into accidents. A guy hit me 3 years ago and then said I hit him?! Thank God I had called his father (he was a college student) right after it happened bc he was shady and didn't want me to call the cops!

Ashley said...

Such a great reminder to count on the little things when life gets hard. Glad things are starting to look up, even if it's slow and steady!

Emma Frances said...

I love this! I need to stop and look at the little blessings more often. Thanks for sharing! And I am so glad you are okay and that Elijah wasn't with you at the time!

Gary said...

Howdy Megan,
Mom told me you had posted something about your accident and until I read your description, I did not realize how fast the other car was moving. I distinctly remember you saying, "Oh my gosh, a car just hit me!" It was so matter-of-fact and so calm that I thought it was just a fender bender, especially when described to me how little damage your car suffered. Truly the Lord is in the many small details and miracles of our lives! I am grateful for your perspective and the recognition of His hand in this event. LOVE YOU! dad