blinner blate

{blinner = blogger + dinner, blate = blogger + date, get it?}

blog date blog date 2[Kaycie, Elise, me, Gentri]
a little while ago {before Christmas break} i was able to go out and have dinner with these sweet girls!

yes, i know it’s an incredible blogging faux pas to go out with other bloggers and not even blog about it until WEEKS later.
but whatevs.
i break the rules all the time.

so back to this awesome night out.
and it was awesome!

we originally tried to get a whole blogger Utah blogger party going like we did before but we i pretty much dropped the ball on that one and didn’t get it organized in time + lots of people wouldn’t be in town.
but the 4 of us still really wanted to get together and visit and so we made it happen, Cap’n.

and what did we do?
ate and talked for hours about blogging of course!!
what else? 
well, we talked about other things but that was a main topic.
maybe it seems lame to have other bloggers get together to talk about blogging
{like we don’t have anything else interesting to talk about in our lives}
but really it’s kind of refreshing!

it’s nice to know that there is someone else who understands your same excitements or frustrations
or that is willing to listen to you vent and not get annoyed
{or at least pretend they aren’t annoyed}
or give you tips and advice
or to just seem genuinely interested because they’ve been there before too!

they just get it!
and that is what i absolutely LOVE about this blogging community!

i love getting to know other women who can relate to me and understand what i am going through.
my little space on the internet has opened so many incredible opportunities for friendship that i never knew existed.
i love being able to share my stories and hear other’s experience and know that we can rely on each other to listen and understand.

[not that my husband doesn’t, but it’s different because he can’t really relate as easily.]

i’m so incredibly grateful for the friendships i have made these last few months and the amazing way they have lifted me up when i really needed them.

thank you girls for a wonderful & MUCH NEEDED night on the town!!
{and thank you for teaching me how to wear red lipstick :)}


... said...

Ha ha when us AZ bloggers get together, there is definitely a lot of blogger talk! :) What a fun time! :)

Unknown said...

How fun is that! Wish I was in Utah! LOL! Hopefully you'll have a party soon :)

Aimee said...

So fun! I want to come next time :) Elise and I went to school together when we were just babies (aka middle school)!

Gentri said...

Remind me never to wear a coat with that shirt again, ok?? haha!

Alexis Kaye said...

ahhhhhh I know and love you all! When I see these I'm so sad I don't live it Utah with all you guys! :(

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

I so wanted to go with y'all, but we were driving to Arizona when I got the text. We are going to have to take pictures still, but I am hoping for a warm spell before we do haha :)

Unknown said...

Oh my. How did I skip over this post until now? LOVED that blinner blate. And the red lipstick. :)

Unknown said...

blinner, hu? i can totally get behind that. :) so glad you all had a fun time. Such a great group of ladies right there!!

Amy @ Amy Day to Day said...

You look so pretty with your hair up like that Megan and you are seriously rocking the red lips.

Unknown said...

SO fun! I'm so glad we all tried on the lipstick together!

Emma Frances said...

Love this! I wish I lived closer to all of you pretty ladies so I could go on Blinner Blates with you!