Being the Glue: a guest post from Through the Eyes of the Mrs.

i am really excited for today because Beth and i are swapping blogs!!
Beth is seriously amazing and i have loved getting to know her better these last few months. i love how she writes and how honest & genuine she is. she likes to keep it real and i love her for that. it's refreshing to hear other mothers voice the same feelings and opinions as i feel! it helps me feel not so alone in this confusing thing called "being a mom."

i hope you all enjoy Beth's post today and be sure to stop by her blog to read my post!
and definitely stay a while and get to know Beth a little better.
you won't regret it!

and now here's Beth!


Hey there everyone, I'm Beth from
Through the Eyes of the Mrs.

Today I want to talk about being the glue of our family.
You know the one that holds everything together all the time.

Well that's me!

You could also say I'm the CEO of the household.
When there is a problem I fix it, repair it, or find a way around it.

With three kids and a hardworking husband it's a tough job.

I am the the one who schedules appointments.
I transport to soccer, music, and dance.
I cook and clean for a house full of people.

It's tough to be sometimes and to make it all work for five.

Life doesn't slow down though instead it speeds up.
Even with the pace increasing I'm thankful!

I'm thankful that I have these amazing people in my life.
That God trusted me enough to be their mother and give me my husband.

I look at the calender and think "Okay, how is all this going to work?"
It just does and sometimes I mess up and that's okay.

Last week I was supposed to be at the school for lunch and recess.
I completely forgot and instead caught up on emails.

The standards of motherhood are tough.
We set such high standards for ourselves and make it even tougher.

I swore before children my kids would never have a dirty face.
I said they would never behave that way in a store.
I told myself how blissfully organized I would be all of the time.

I was wrong and life is full of surprises.

So let's give ourselves a little break shall we?
Tomorrow is a new day and we'll do better.

Please stop by and visit me. I'd love to hear from you!


thank you so much, Beth, for sharing your story!!
i especially loved that you said "we set such high standards for ourselves" because BOY i feel that....
thank you for reminding me to be kinder to myself!!

i hope you all enjoyed Beth's post!
make sure to show her some love


Unknown said...

Love this post too! As moms we need to cut ourselves a little slick every now and then! Great post swap ladies :)

Alexis Kaye said...

I like this simple reminder. I don't have kids yet, but the day isn't too far off