my kind friend’s inspiration to me

this week has really sucked to say the least.
after enduring the 12 hour drive home mixed with my regular car sickness, Elijah woke up in the middle of the night feeling pretty hot. he ended up having a fever of 102-103 degrees for 3 days and then we finally were able to go to the doctor. we found out he had some kind of infection (not sure exactly what yet) and was put on some medication.
he finally slept 8 hours on Friday (usually sleeps 12 each night) after not sleeping pretty much all week!
he would only sleep in 15 minutes increments at a time…
and then, to top off a already stressful and tiring week, a girl was coming off the of the freeway and didn’t slow down and rear-ended me while i was stopped at a stop light.
thankfully i was the only one in the car at the time or else i might’ve not been so nice…
so now i’m fighting a HUGE headache and trying to get the damages to our car straightened out.
so yeah.
crappy week.
i had posted something on Facebook about it
[you’re supposed to post about every detail of your day in your status right?]
and my sweet friend Aubrey sent me the kindest, most considerate email ever!!
she knew exactly what i needed to hear and how i needed to hear it.
just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes, quite honestly.…
she shared with me this wonderful message about enduring life’s trials and how we can have hope even on the hardest days.
[watch this video first for a background on Jenny]
[video Aubrey sent me]
i know my trials are nothing compared to this woman’s story.
but i also know that each of our trials are very personal and we all will have trying times.
and i know that even on our most difficult days where we feel like nothing is going right and we are completely overwhelmed, there is always hope,
there are still many blessings to thank the Lord for,
and there are still people who love and care about us.
i’m so grateful to Aubrey for reminding me of that love
and for following her own promptings to write me and bless my life.
i hope we can all do the same for others in our lives,
to continue to bless each other
and encourage one another to be able to endure life’s trials.

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Alexis Kaye said...

your feelings of stress and whatnot are certainly valid. car accidents ARE a headache. One thing I would reccomend is if your headaches and neck pain don't go away soon- go to see a chriropractor and physical therapist. I waited too long after my accident and so much scar tissue had already settled.