Saturday Favorites

i may not be very good at commenting on other blog posts, or tweeting, or doing facebook shout-outs, but i do read other posts when i get a chance.

i thought it would be fun to start doing a Saturday favorites list to highlight some of my favorite posts/products throughout the week.

sounds good?

so here’s my favorite links this week
[this is not an all encompassing list! there were lots of other links i liked but i just picked a few]

i love this post by Andi over at The Hollie Rogue about marriage {of course!}. i love the perspective she gives on how to be happy in our relationships.

and speaking of The Hollie Rogue, did you know i guest posted over there last week about how i became a writer? you should check it out!

and also speaking of marriage, i LOVE this Intentional Marriage series over at Not My Own Life. she has great insight and i love reading her posts each week.

Ashley over at After Nine to Five is doing a great series on blogging tips if you want to take your blogging to another level. they are really helpful!!

Mindy from Marigold Road made the most gorgeous Valentine’s Day wreaths EVER! i need them in my life.


ever since Ashlyn posted this color crush post i’m now obsessed with the color blush!! it looks GORGEOUS!

i love Kaycie’s post on being able to finally go to Anthropologie after hearing everyone around blogland sing it’s praises. or “fangirl about it” like Kaycie said :)

this sweet love letter Kendra wrote for her little girl Evelyn for her first birthday brings back so many memories of my own baby. it’s fully of pure motherly love and i think any mother could relate to her feelings of being a mommy.

Jamielyn over at I Heart Naptime wrote a great post on finding balance. this is something i have been thinking about a lot so it really hit home for me.

i love Erika’s color blocking in this outfit from this week. i don’t think i would be very good at color blocking but i like seeing it on other people! 

i laughed so incredibly hard at this post by Jenni. it’s too perfect for words. i love that girl!

i need this ring from the After Nine to Five shop

and i need this GORGEOUS necklace as well as this necklace from Sebastian Design

Beth from Through the Eyes of the Mrs. wrote this awesome post about her husband. it’s perfect.
and then i also wrote this post about my husband as a guest post on Beth’s blog. check out both!

and last but certainly NOT least, Tahnie wrote this post about her life with Cystinosis. she is hoping to raise $2000 by her daughter’s 2nd birthday to go towards Cystinosis research. please please please help her reach her goal so that she can be around to celebrate more birthdays with her daughter!!
you can read her post and donate here
{even just a little bit helps!}


have a great weekend!!!
and be sure to check out all those links!



oh yeah i need to pick a winner for the Rouge & Whimsy giveaway!!

the winner is….

lucky number #54: Allison!

thank you for everyone who participated in the giveaway!!
please go check out Erika’s blog, you will not be sorry :)


Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Love this Saturday spotlight feature idea! So fun to highlight things you love from the week! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing some of your favorites! I'm off to check some out now :b

Unknown said...

I really needed the "5 Tips" to take blogging to another level. Get's me all pumped!!!

ashlyn | nicole said...

Aww thanks girl! You are too sweet!
I am soooo in love with the blush :)


Jenni Austria Germany said...

you're so sweet! and i'm in love with that blush color too...