April Fool's Giveaway {not a joke}

Happy April Fool's Day everyone! 

April Fool's Day can kind of suck. Like it's actually one of my least favorite days. I hate getting tricked and pranked and always always fall for something not realizing it's April 1st. And then I cry. 
[like really I have cried about it. I'm a baby.]

Those jerks. 

Today we are here to turn this day around and make it 10x better and happier thank those pranksters ever could. And no, this is not a joke. We are for real. :) 

Please be sure to check out some of these fabulous bloggers who are helping make this giveaway possible! 
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You can enter with Rafflecopter below. {And see all the great prizes listed???}
Good luck to you all!

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Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I'm not a fan of April fools day either.