maybe we got this

These blurry phone pictures are proof that I survived taking care of a baby girl and a crazy preschooler boy. WE ALL SURVIVED! 

This week we had the chance to watch this sweet little girl while her mama was getting better in the hospital. I was a little nervous but even more excited to test my skills on caring for two children, and a little girl for that matter. And even more importantly, I was curious to see how Elijah would handle it all. 

Besides wanting to watch her every second, including when I was trying to get her to sleep which was a bit frustrating.... 
["Elijah, she can't play right now! You're too loud!" "No, no, no! I will sleep by her in my bed!"]
He actually did really well! 

He kept calling her "honey" and wanting her to come play with him. He didn't quite understand that she would get tired and want to cuddle instead of play. But he still did his best to entertain her. 

If she cried, he would rub her back {a little too vigorously...} and say, 
"Shh, shh, shh! It will be okay. I'm not scary."

And then he would be bossy and tell her not to touch his movies because she can break them. And that she has to be careful on the porch cause you can't throw balls over the side. You know, all the things he gets in trouble for. ;) 

He was still crazy as usual, and refused to listen to me, and was snobby to Adam and I later on... 
BUT! He was really sweet and kind to little P and really proved his worth as a future big brother. 

[the verdict is still out on proving himself as a well-mannered, obedient, kind son though...] 

It was one of those experiences where I felt a strong confirmation come to me saying everything really will be okay. And even though technically we did a small service for our good friend, I feel like it turned into more of a huge blessing & service to us at a time that I really needed it.


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

glad everything went well

Unknown said...

AWWW, my girl is famous! :) Making an appearance on your blog - sheesh! I can't wait to show her this!

You were seriously such a lifesaver. I'm not sure what we would have done without you. Thank you so much!

I'm so glad Pres was on her best behavior and didn't make you pull your hair out. Elijah is going to be such a sweet big brother, I know it. I'm so proud of you for waiting to have another baby, because NOW is the perfect time for Elijah to have a sister. Everything is meant to be - you are my hero girl. Seriously.