firehouse rock

[I was feel pretty cute that day... and then looking at these pictures I'm like WHOA! So big... so swollen...]

My amazing friend Rebekah [who just moved away and I'm still crying about it...] planned this super fun fire station tour for all of our kids the day before she moved. It was SO much fun for all the kids {and adults!} and an awesome last outing with all these little friends. 

We (or at least the moms) learned so much about firefighters and our local heroes who sacrifice so much for our safety. In fact, the firefighter who gave us the tour said they had been up since 5am with only about an hour of sleep before and had just gotten back to the station right before our tour started and barely even ate anything. 

Talk about kindness & sacrifice! 

I feel like I should've brought them pizza and cookies for working so hard saving lives and then putting off more sleep and even eating to take our silly little kids to see the big fire truck. Such generosity! 

Elijah absolutely LOVED the tour and couldn't wait to see the big truck. On the way there he kept telling me to please ask the firemen if he could get inside their truck and drive it. I told him he probably couldn't dive it but I bet he would get to go inside. He was pretty stoked about that :) 

They also let him spray the hose and told them all about the gear they have to wear. 
[Did you know that their gear weighs 70-140lbs??? I barely can hold Elijah and he's just under 40lbs. Crazy!!] 

It was a lot of fun and definitely an activity Elijah will remember & talk about for a long time. :)


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

looks and sounds like the kids had tons of fun. Have a great weekend

Amber Marie said...

The fire station is always a hit with my kids too. It is pretty cool to see those big, red trucks up close.

Kelsey Eaton said...

pure joy on his face! so cute