Bistro Pizza Date Night In

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Going out on dates is kind of hard to come by these days. 
Money, crazy preschoolers, school, pregnancy exhaustion all play a part in the date night struggle. 

So after a particularly difficult & busy week with school and kid problems, 
[well who am I kidding? that's like every week for us.]
I decided to surprise Adam with a little in-home date night.  

And since pizza is pretty much one of the only indulgent food that this baby will let me have, we made it a fun pizza & movie date night with Tony's Pizza

Here's what you will need for easy Bistro style pizza: 

- Tony's Cheese Pizza 
[I bought mine at WalMart for a great price PLUS you can get a $.75 off coupon from on any two Tony's Pizzas while supplies last.]
- about 2 cups of baby leaf salad mix
- red onion cut into thing slices
- half a tomato 
-balsamic vinaigrette dressing (go light on it!)
- and I added some bacon bits (optional)

1. Cook the pizza according to directions on the box. 
2. Mix remaining ingredients in a bowl 
3. Top pizza with salad 

And enjoy! 

We loved this take on a simple cheese pizza to fancy it up for a date night in. And Tony's Pizza had the perfect taste and crispy crust to make it more enjoyable. For a budget friendly pizza, Tony's Pizza is definitely at the top of the list. We all loved it! 

[In fact, we fed Elijah some before bed and he ate 3 slices by himself. When he usually only eats maybe one and a half... maybe. So yeah, we really liked it. :)]

And of course date night isn't really date night without some sparkling cider, ice cream, and a good movie. Heavyweights ended up being our movie of choice because, I mean... it's Heavyweights!

You can also check out more deals & serving ideas for Tony's Pizza on their Twitter & Facebook page.

Happy date night-ing!!


Unknown said...

that pizza looks so good! what a great idea.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

So go to have to do this for dinner.

Amberly said...

I would never think to make a normal pizza fancy!!! Good idea! :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Date nights in are my favorite!

Kassi said...

Yep, date nights IN are pretty much all we get to do these days! haha. Love how fancy your pizza ended up looking! Bet it was delicious!

katilda said...

Drooling. I need pizza like BAD.