the "zoo"

after we visited Utah, we went to California to visit Adam's family. 
while in there, we took Elijah to Micke Grove "Zoo." 
i say "zoo" because it took us about 15 minutes to walk the whole way through and the only animals they have are monkeys, birds, and a pond of turtles. 
but for a 3-year-old with a short attention span, it was perfect. 

and because it was so small there was hardly anyone else there so we could let Elijah run around and take his time going through each exhibit. 
just a fun little family outing! 

i was trying to get a better picture of Elijah so i told him to look at me & smile. 
this is what i got. 

so then i asked him to open is eyes... 
and this is what i got. 

then i said no, just open your eyes big not your mouth... 
and i got this. 

and then i died laughing. 

that boy is my favorite! 


Amanda said...

Haha. Cute photos!!! Looks like a fun little outing. I wish we had some smaller stuff like that around here. Just a few BIG attractions, which of course cost a ton of money.

fourjparty said...

Amazing, I really like your post. It looks so beautiful.

Four J Party

leean robinson said...

So cute. Kisses and hugs