August Group Giveaway

i have some new sponsors and some great prizes this month for the group giveaway. 
and instead of one winner, there's going to be two winners!
so get to know them below and enter to win these two great prizes. 

Umberto Hair Products + a "Life in the Spotlight" sponsor spot from Life with Amberly & Joe
i have gotten to know Amberly a few months ago and immediately we hit it off. she is like a friend i've felt like i've already known my whole life. Amberly is so kind and supportive and funny! i really love reading her marriage posts and the fun stories she shares about her and her husband. 

today, Amberly is giving away a "Life in the Spotlight" large sponsor spot as well as some special Umberto hair products (Amberly is a cosmetologist). 

Half-off a photography session from Alisha Hunsaker Photography 

Alisha took our family pictures {and all the pictures you see in my different blog pages} and we absolutely LOVE them!! she did such an amazing job working with us and especially with our crazy Elijah-boy. i thought for sure she wasn't going to be able to get any good shots of Eli because he kept running around so much but she is truly a miracle worker. she has given us some of our most cherished family pictures. we love them and love her. and i know you will really enjoy working with her as well! 

today, Alisha is giving one lucky reader half-off a photography session. this prize is only for Arizona residents {sorry out of staters!}. so if you are in the area, be sure to enter!

remember there are two winners, one for each prize. 

[enter below


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