other Utah happenings

from left to right: 

it was fun to go around town and see all the amazing changes and growth that have happened in less than a year. and the weather was perfect to just spend the whole day outside. 
we loooooved it!! 
{we didn't want to leave!} 

we also loved visiting with our friends and seeing them after a long year away. 
we didn't get to see everyone we wanted (or take pictures of everyone) because of our short time frame, but it was great to see all those we could, including some of my very good blog friends. 
i may have gotten teary-eyed a few times when saying goodbye and driving home... 
seriously love our Utah friends!

and of course, we had to have a Provo Food Tour.

we hit up 
[where i got the pizza with a runny egg on top. scary but tasty all the same.]
J. Dawgs 
Cafe Rio 
had Macey's King Kone 
BYU Creamery
[Graham Canyon for the win!] 

we had our food stops planned for months and seriously could not wait to go just for that. 
ahhh we love food. and Provo. 

this trip basically reaffirmed our undeniable love for the state that we once swore we'd never get attached to. but we can no longer deny our true feelings. 
Adam kept saying that he wants to get a home there some day [you know, to see all the BYU football games]. and as much as i always said i'd never live in Utah, i couldn't help but find myself really wishing that would come sooner than later. 

minus the snow. 
after it snows then i remember why i have the love/hate relationship...

thank you for all the fun, Utah!! 


Anonymous said...

It looks like a great place to visit. I really need to get out to Utah and check things out now that we have friends that have moved. I LOVE that bedding in the top photo BTW.

Kelsey Eaton said...

It can't be denied. Utah has some good food.

Amanda Schroeder said...

I had SUCH a good time while you were here. We miss you! Let me know next time you're down here & I'll do the same.


Amberly said...

I love that you plan your restaurants and stuff in advance!!! :) I do that too and my mom thinks I'm weird.

Unknown said...

Whose bed is that in the first picture? It's te exact bedding we have! For a second I thought it WAS our bed. Haha!

Alvano Richie said...

So many smiley faces and i love his cuteness, looks cute in red tee.

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holli h. said...

jacob and i have also become so attached to
utah! it's so weird, but undeniable. at the same time, i don't think i'd want to live in any other city. just provo.

also, SLAAAAB! yummo!

Amanda said...

Ohmygosh that bedding!! I love it!!!

Aubrey said...

So happy I got to see you while you were here!