Elijah was concerned about a bug on his shoe...

after most of my family left to go back home, we spent most of our time just hanging around Provo and checking out our old {and improved!} stomping grounds. 
Adam kept saying he was reliving his glory days
when i asked why it wasn't my glory days too he said it was because he always loved BYU and i didn't. which is mostly true. 
Adam is a die-hard, bleed blue, true BYU fan through and through. 
and he won't hear anyone speak negatively about it either!
i was very a little slow to warm up at first but grew to love it all the same. 
so we both have some very fond memories of the place including us meeting, being engaged, married, and starting our little family there which means Provo will always have a little tender spot in our hearts. 

Elijah loved going around town and walking around campus seeing all the "BY-YI-You" Y's and "tigers" all over. Adam was bursting with true blue pride to be raising the next generation cougar. 
so much sap.

but really i am happy with our time at BYU and am so grateful for all that i learned there. 
we have our jokes about it,
{EFY kids singing hymns around campus?? i mean, what is that?!?}
but we love it all the same. 
[plus campus is gorgeous this time of year which made it even more worthwhile.]

as Eli says,
"Go Cougars! Rawr!!"


Amberly said...

Eli is SO adorable in all of those pictures!!! He looks so grown up! :)

Alicia Snow said...

oh i love this post!

Aimee @ Like Mother Like Daughter said...

Aww Love Eli. And love BYU. My husband doesnt often want to walk around campus even though sometimes I do. But we go to the duck pond often because I love the little bebe duckies!

holli h. said...

this makes me homesick!! also, did you guys go to that new swanky sports lounge place on campus???