Elijah at swim lessons. cutest little fish :)

since potty training Elijah, we've had lots of funny talks about our body parts. 
and how he does NOT have a tail... and neither does mommy. 
{i really want to tell the whole story. maybe?}

he has developed an obsession with shows that feature home videos of people hurting themselves. or just people hurting themselves in general. such as Ridiculousness, American's Funniest Home Videos, Wipeout, America Ninja Warrior... i feel like i should be concerned about it. well, actually i am concerned about it. is that a natural little boy thing? or is Elijah going to grow up to be a disturbed child?

we've worked reaalllllly hard at getting Eli to ask for things nicely. i feel like it's finally working because now he goes around saying, "Mom, can you please get chocolate milk for me please??"
it's the sweetest thing. and i almost give in to his ridiculous requests because of how sweet it is. 
"Mom, can you please get that water gun for me?"
"Mom, can i please watch you cook with that hot vat of grease?" 
[the last one is a stretch but not by much.] 

he sings to evvvvverything!! almost every song that comes on the radio he tries to sing along with. Bruno Mars, Sara Bareilles, fun., Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, whoever sings that "Next To Me" song.... 
some of the songs are kind of inappropriate in my opinion but when i try to change it he yells,
"Mom!! turn it back to the (Hold On, Ooie-Ooie, Baby, Ahhh, whatever) song??" 
and he always tells me to turn it up more :) 

he has this little bear puppet (really a puppy) that is his best friend. he carries his Baby Bear all around the house just talking to it, tucking it in for naptime, reading books, anything. 
"oh Baby Bear, you want chocolate? no Baby Bear that's mine. you go to time out. Baby Bear, you like chocolate? oh Baby Bear you shweepy? i rock you Baby Bear."
it's super cute and kind sad at the same time. his only friend... he needs some better social opportunities. 

oh that Eli boy... he's just the best.


the Momma Bird said...

He sounds totally awesome!!! It's too bad we didn't live close & our kiddos could play together. :)

Heather Coody said...

He sounds absolutely adorable! && My two year old and I argue over the radio all of the time. For some reason she only wants to listen to rap music?! LOL! I don't listen to rap, but if it's on when I scan through the channels, that's the one she starts screaming to "STOP" on! They are funny little creatures!

Bonnie Cribbs said...

What a great thing for him to learn to swim so early! It's just a wise thing to do. And such a cute kid too!!

Unknown said...

First of all, I think it's awesome that you have in swim lessons. We haven't done them with Levi yet because I'm pretty sure it would be a waste of money....he screams in the bathtub when water gets in his face. I feel pretty confident that he would not cooperate with swim lessons yet. Uh.

AND super awesome that you got him to ask nicely for things. I didn't start doing that until last year when I was pregnant and tired of acting as his personal assistant.

Kelsey Eaton said...

Hahaha that is so cute! My niece does that too kind of. She has a million of those little people's and she has named them all after real people. Even the guy that works with her dad. Except he is a little black girl with an ice cream cone. Anyways, I am totally off topic.

Unknown said...

I think watching shows about others getting hurt, is normal or I feel like it should be for a little boy? lol