National Marriage Week {link-up}

did you know that February 7th-14th is National Marriage Week
i first found out about it when i started writing for
while we get ready to celebrate the day of love, i think it is a great reminder that we should be doing things to continually strengthen our relationships instead of just on that one day. 

on the Marriage Week website it says, 
"From February 7th to 14th every year— is a collaborative effort to encourage many diverse groups to strengthen individual marriages, reduce the divorce rate, and build a stronger marriage culture, which in turn helps curtail poverty and benefits children. Together we can make more impact than working alone."

this week to celebrate National Marriage Week i will be sharing some posts relating to marriage/relationships and i would love to read your posts as well! 
[you can read my past National Marriage Week posts here.]
if you have written a post about love or relationships/marriage [or even Valentine's Day!] link it up below so we can all read it and celebrate this week together.
{past & present posts accepts}

i would love to help make National Marriage Week a big, online success! 
so with all your help and with all your posts i think we can make that happen and create a big celebration. :)


katilda said...

I adore writing about these very things! Remember how we both studied journalism and ended up studying the family? Remember how we both did writing internships focusing on promoting marriage, etc.? REMEMBER HOW MAYBE WE ARE THE SAME PERSON...

The TWIT said...

I love this link-up, and really enjoyed reading everyone's posts. Thank you for doing this. What a great way to encourage us all.

Angela said...

What a great idea for a link up. Last May, we went to a "Weekend to Remember" and it was so good. I linked up my reviews of the conference. Maybe it'll inspire someone to go, that needs a refreshing time with their spouse.

Amanda Schroeder said...

yay! anniversary & valentines both fall in there. Thanks for sharing, pretty lady!


Beth said...

I didn't know that this week is National Marriage Week. Thanks for the heads up and for challenging us to make our marriages a priority, Megan!