happy homecoming

my very best friend Amy just returned home from her year-and-a-half LDS mission in Tahiti. 
oh man, have i missed her! 

Amy and i met the very first night of Freshman year up at BYU. 
i was immediately drawn to her because she was so cool, funny, and was from Arizona. 
right when i heard those words i immediately introduced myself and in that moment i met one of the best friends i have ever had. 

we have been through a lot together.
working at Taco Bell 
late night study sessions that turn into writing on each other's Facebook walls 
being hilarious 
Beto's runs 
early morning labs 
crappy jobs 
road trips 
friends going on missions
dance parties
bringing the rain, Optimus Prime style
awkward dates 
ditching school to read Harry Potter 
drama in every shape and form 
marriage & babies 
and lots and lots of other amazing memories! 

Amy is one of the only people that gets me and truly one of the funnest people around. 
if you read our wall-to-wall, you would know just how hilarious we are. 
cause seriously it's the best thing ever. 

i'm so so happy she's home and we are able to live in Arizona so we could see her.
[[even though we got there an hour early cause the flight was delayed and Elijah had multiple meltdowns that included blood curdling screams especially when he got a paper cut from the poster and it was basically the most embarrassing & torturous experience ever with a toddler....]]
it was all so worth it once we saw Amy come through the gate!

it's been a loooooooooooong 1.5 years and i can't wait to make up the time apart.
{lots of exclamations just how you like it ;)}

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Unknown said...

So happy! My best friend/favorite roommate just hit her six month mark in Florida and her birthday is today. I'm missing her like crazy. I love these fun pictures of your reunion and I am seriously loving your hair!

Shellsea said...

This is so sweet! What a perfect homecoming :)

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Awe!! Yay! So happy your bestie is home!

katilda said...

If the girl in the 3rd picture is named Whitney, then....I know her. We were EFY counselors together once! Small world.

Kassi said...

Aw fun!!! So exciting to see a friend after a long time away!