gone shooting

[i should preface this post by saying this is NOT a post about gun control. just a fun outing with guns :)]
my friend's baby is the prettiest baby there ever was. i cannot get enough of her!

ever since Adam got a shotgun he has been wanting to take me to "learn" how to use it. 
i kept telling him that there is absolutely no reason why i need to know how to shoot a gun. 
mainly because i'm deathly terrified of firearms and constantly have images of me or someone else i love getting blown to pieces.

on one of the days that Adam got out of school early, i reluctantly agreed to go to the desert to go shooting for a little bit.  
after a minor anxiety attack {not an exaggeration. i was near tears.} Adam finally helped me work up enough courage to shoot the shotgun. 
it ended up being a lot of fun even though i'm a terrible shot and didn't hit a single thing. 
but i was just proud that i even did it at all!

it was such a small, cheap activity but was still really great to be able to spend time together and enjoy each other's interests, even if i kind of hate guns. 
plus any time alone away from parent life is priceless. 
in just an hour's time i felt closer to Adam than i had felt all week. 
[especially when he was trying to comfort me during my freak out]

and Adam thinks it's hot that i know how to shoot a gun now. ;)


Jessica Sebastian said...

I want that shirt! Where did you get it? {Yours, not Adam's....}

Amber Marie said...

now you are a true robinson. hooray ;)

GingerPeachT said...

thats so awesome you stepped out of your comfort zone! :-)
loved your outfit!

katilda said...

I am so proud of you! Shooting scares me because of the way the gun kicks after it goes off. I prefer to watch...haha

Kndbbdjk said...

That baby is adorbs! :)

Alexis Kaye said...

Adams shirt is the best.

Alisha said...

Hahaha I love this post!! You look like a natural. :)

B loves the fact that I love to shoot. He's all into me having my own gun, and now he's scouring the internets trying to find the perfect shotgun for me. Though, I need a 20gauge, cause a 12 just kills me ha!


Ian and Bonnie Gutzman said...

Saddle shoes! Yes! :) I went shooting on a date once in high school and the gun blew sparks of ammunition out one side (it was supposed to, and I was told not to hold it there...but I forgot), and I went into shock and had burns all over my hand. So, I am with you on not being too into the gun shooting thing. ;)

Megan Tenney said...

I pretty much just want to know where you got your shoes! But way to go on the shooting, too.

Amy Charming said...

(1) look at that little girl's face! omg! precious with the oversize ear protection!

(2) adorable outfit for shooting ;) You make it look so fashionable!

I shoot at ranges, I have yet to go skeet shooting. I hope it was fun!

Shellsea said...

I love her big pink ear muffs! How perfect :)