Firmoo review

when you live with a destructive toddler, you can never have enough sunglasses on hand.
so when i got the opportunity to review a pair of Firmoo sunglasses i was all for it!

i absolutely love my Firmoo sunglasses!
they are great mix between that vintage style {that’s oh so popular now. who knew 80’s would come back?} and modern chic. i definitely feel like a cool mom in them :)

the Firmoo crew was really nice & helpful as well as really fast in shipping me my pair.
and they came with all the essentials needed to take care of your glasses well: hard case, soft case, cleaning cloth, and a mini screwdriver to tighten the hinges (which will come in handy with Elijah around!)

i also love that Firmoo has a virtual try-on system where you can upload a picture of yourself {or take one with a webcam} and see how the glasses would look on you.
you can bet i worked that magic!!
it was really helpful {and fun!} and ultimately helped me make my final decision.

the only thing i wish is that Firmoo had a little bit more of a variety of sunglasses.
though i really do love the sunglasses i chose, it would’ve been nice to see other styles as well.
[one thing to note about the sunglasses is that they say they are prescription but you can get them without the prescription too. that’s what i did.]
they do have lots & lots of different styles of eyeglasses though!
you’ll have fun trying all of them on {virtually}

Firmoo is also offering free eyewear to first-time buyers if it is your first time using Firmoo.
so now is a perfect time to get a new pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses for yourself!
to find out how to get your free pair of glasses, check out the program here.

with over 300 styles of stylish {and affordable} frames you are bound to find something you like!
[maybe more than one]

you can learn more about Firmoo and be updated on any deals by checking out their
website / facebook / twitter / google + / pinterest


Ruthie Hart said...

you are so glamorous!

Amanda Schroeder said...

I thought it was just eyeglasses. But sunnies toO?! Ooohhh! Yours are so cute. I love them. Thanks!!

Amanda @

Anonymous said...

I love firmoo!! I wish they had glasses for children!

Danny Heyen said...

You look so cute in those!

Brittany T. said...

look at you stylin mama! love the sunglasses! :)

Chelsea Lennox said...

I LOVE the ones you picked! So cute

Catarina Ek said...

Very nice sunglasses. They look absolutely fab on you!

Pamela said...

you look beautiful as always! seriously, your hair is fantastic too.

I wish I could wear sunglasses, and my prescription eyeglasses...I have a thing about wearing them -_- I get all dizzy because I don't like anything touching my nose. BOO.

...I know I'm weird.