Elijah the Sneaky Thief {+Saturday Favorites}

i’m feeling a bit overwhelmed this week to say the least.
{maybe that’s a post for another day…}
and to top off this really awesome week [sense:sarcasm]
Elijah had his first shoplifting experience yesterday.

(maybe i should’ve taken a picture for his baby book?
put it right next to “first time-out” and “first coloring on the walls”)

my friend and i took our kids to the mall to help them get their energy out as well as give ourselves a much needed mama break.
we were looking at Claire’s at their 10 for $10 deal [which, if you know me you know how i am a sucker for Claire’s sales. so lame, i know.] and Elijah was trying to grab all the sparkly things.
i was watching him closely and when he would grab something i would tell him no and put it back.
we soon left to go look at some other stores and were a few stores away when my friend looked down at Elijah and saw that he was holding some little pink, sparkly, stud earrings.

i could not believe it!
i swore i was paying attention to him and didn’t see him grab anything.
i realized he must’ve grabbed them as we were walking out since the earrings are at the front of the store.
i was so so SO embarrassed and terrified what they would do.
i literally had just read a sign they had in their store that said,
what the heck would they do to me? to my baby??

thankfully my friend was really nice and calm about it, reassuring me that it has happened with her own daughter before and offered to go return the earrings for me since i was a big chicken.
[she didn’t call me a chicken. i just was a total chicken about it.]

i was so grateful i had my friend with me cause i’m pretty sure i would’ve had some sort of emotional breakdown if i was alone and had to face the employee.

so yeah… this week has been interesting.

hopefully the weekend can turn things around!

September Fave photos week 1

here’s some fun links to pick up anybody’s week!

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i wish i was this creative.


dusanabotswana said...

I always want to learn to coupon even decently haha but then I can never keep track of it and it gets time consuming. what did Claire's do when you returned them? That's kind of hilarious reading about later actually. Sure glad your friend was there to calm you down : ) http://dusanabotswana.com/

Mary said...

I love that! My daughter stole a spoon from a restaurant- but she was like 8 months old and it had fallen into her car seat, so it isn't nearly the same...but I am oddly excited for things like this to happen, unintentional shoplifting!

Anonymous said...

Theft requires the "intent to permanently deprive" so you were going to be okay. LOL I think my son's first theft was from his preschool. It's a horrible feeling but it's part of growing. Ha ha.

Bri Rios said...

I work at Francescas in the Orem mall, and we seriously always have moms running back into the store to return the jewelry or other little things that their kids picked up while they were in the store. It is not a big deal at all :) But I could see how that is so rattling!!

Ian and Bonnie Gutzman said...

hahaha...I shoplifted from Claires once! I was there with my sister (just a few years ago, actually) and we were trying on the funny eye sleep cover things (what are those called?), and I pushed it up on my head, forgot it was there, and walked out with it. Fortunately my sister noticed pretty quick and we walked back in and put it back. :) I think they fully understand unintentional toddler (and hopefully teenage) thievery! ;)

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Haha! gotta love little kids!

Anonymous said...

Aww but he's too cute to prosecute!
Don't think the little one here has pinched anything yet. I watch her like a hawk!

Jessica Sebastian said...

Eh, Ellie just did that last month from Walmart! It was no big deal and they were super nice. However, if YOU had been the one to shoplift, that's another story! :)

Kassi Mortensen said...

Well glad that first is over with and here's to never again!!! Thanks for sharing my aunt tips post sweet friend!!!