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[crappy phone pics cause Adam was not really feeling the impromptu photo shoot.
but Elijah sure was! look at that grin! :)]

being a mom, Sundays can be the best and worst days of the week.
for one, i have an excuse to get dressed.
and not just in anything, in actually cute clothes!

{so that’s always a plus!}
it’s one of the only days out of the week that i can feel pretty and not just a frumpy mom.
even though i am a frumpy mom so it’s a total wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing situation.

and some other reasons it’s a great day is the obvious:
visiting with good friends, uplifting messages, and yummy Sunday dinners
[that i have to make though… so maybe that’s a negative?]

so yes, Sundays are a special day…
until you have a toddler.
then it’s all:
-can’t hear the speakers
-{possibility} of no nap so cranky cranky kid
-OR naps at bad times so bedtime is a horror-fest
-chasing said cranky kid in the hall
-whining & refusal to get ready before church
-begging for fruit snacks as if he will pass out if he doesn’t get one more sugary bite
and the list can go on.

[except this Sunday, Elijah’s friend Kinley got to sit with us at church so that kept him entertained enough to {semi} listen to the speakers. yay for friends!]

at least i got to feel kind of pretty doing all that right?
feeling pretty can definitely go a loooong way on a bad day.


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Della Marie said...

You're cute. Your Sunday wardrobe was stupendous. And I totally have a love/hate relationship with Sunday as well. It is very bittersweet. I laughed as you were describing your son's behavior because, in some ways, it resembles my husbands...he always waits until the last second to get dressed and I think he had more trouble than our toddler when we quit bringing snacks... BUT, he does all of the removing-said-toddler-from-the-meeting and hallway chasing duties so I'll count myself lucky. All the other moms say that one day it get easier...we can do this.

Health, art, and the girl gamer said...

YES!! Feeling pretty certainly goes a long way!! Meg, you still have to tell me how you guys do church for 3 hours with a toddler, because my 4.5 year old probably wouldn't sit still for 5 minutes. Seriously, if yours can go for 10 I am amazed!!

Kelly Rothermel said...

Found you from the Sunday Style link up :) Frumpy mom? Pff, no way! Your little boys are adorable (are they twins?), and you look amazing - so classic and polished!


Amber Marie said...

good decision to cut the hair, it looks so cute! yes, sundays are definitely not fundays when you have a 2yr old unfortunately.

Ruthie Hart said...

Eli's bowtie!!!!!! My uterus is screaming at me haha! and girl your hair is just so cute short! I love it!

Brittany T. said...

you look fabulous and so does elijah! love the bowtie!

Kim, USA said...

I love your blouse!


Megan10e said...

Oh girl...just wait til you have two! There is no more listening to anything said in sacrament meeting! ;) You look great. I'm loving pencil skirts these days!