happy homecoming

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[look at that face!! can’t even handle the cuteness :)]

my brother just got home {for good} after being gone at Air Force training. 
he has been gone for almost 6 months and hasn’t been able to see his cute little boy except for on a few short holiday weekends that he was able to come home.
so to see their sweet homecoming first-hand brought lots of tears to my eyes.

i picked up my nephew early so we could park wait for my brother to get off the plane.
he was sooooooo excited to see his dad that he didn’t even want to sit down on the chairs cause he was worried we would miss him coming down the walkway.
he kept asking me what his dad was wearing so he could spot him right away,
“is he wearing a white shirt? is he wearing a black shirt? is that him there? how much longer? when he is coming??”

then once he saw his dad coming down the walkway, he ran straight toward him and neither one would let go.

i love my brother & i am so grateful that i was able to be there to witness this happy moment.
i'm grateful for his hard work and dedication to his job & family.
and i'm grateful we were able to spend some time with him & his son this weekend.

Elijah especially LOVED [see: borderline obsessed] to hang out with them and still asks for “Uhnkew Dawwin” (Uncle Dallin) and “my cuzin” (my cousin) each morning.
[and yes he really does call my nephew “my cousin” instead of his name. cutest.thing.ever!]

they are definitely his two new favorite people.
but who wouldn’t love these two guys??

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Casey said...

So sweet!! There is nothing better than the feeling of seeing those boys in uniform again after 6 long months! I know that feeling all to well! They look so happy. Congrats your your brother, too! Finishing training is a huge accomplishment! :)

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

so so sweet!! love this post.


4 You With Love said...

What a great brother you have! :)

Found you on My Three Bittles and glad I did...your blog is great! Following along on GFC under Marilyn Clark so I don't miss a thing!

I'm currently celebrating my blogiversary with some great giveaways. I'd love for you to stop by and visit.


Have a wonderful day


Ruthie Hart said...

These pictures you posted on IG last night are just precious....it is true, a picture can tell 1,000 words

holli h. said...

so heartwarming.

Pamela said...

This made me tear up! What a beautiful moment!! Those photos are just priceless!! What a wonderful welcome home for your bro! Congrats to him and all of you!! Elijah's "cuzin" is just precious!!!

SarahJane Miller said...

THis just made me teary-eyed. THis is the sweetest thing. Thanks for sharing!!

leean robinson said...

So sweet, Megan. What a great sister/aunt you are to your family!

Kassi Mortensen said...

Aw!!! I was wondering who that was when you posted the Instagram photos! ;) So fun to see a family reunited!!!

Jessa Olson said...

That was so amazing. this made me teary eyed. so glad you shared this.


Torrie said...

These photos are so precious! They are a beautiful reminder to be ever grateful to those who serve our country :)

Thanks be to people like your brother!


Brittany TYD said...

This is so sweet!!

Amanda Schroeder said...

Yeah this is one of the most precious things I've seen in awhile! Welcome Home brotha!