i constantly wonder how i can be a better mother, and this message says it perfectly.
understand their hearts.
connect with your child.
do things with them.
teach them.
and listen.  
i’m grateful for this gentle reminder on how to show Elijah more love and understanding.
i am grateful for leaders who know exactly what i need to hear, when i need to hear it.
and for the Lord in guiding me to find the answers to my prayers.


morgan said...

it's great that that's something you think about on a regular basis. i'm not a mother, but i think that automatically makes you a better mother :)

Health, art, and the girl gamer said...

WOW!!!! This almost made me cry!I really really have been multitasking like crazy and my attention has not been 100 percent where it should be. Where it NEEDS to be! This is the perfect wake up call, a message that pertains to everyone.