what I don't like about my husband

Last week we celebrated our 6th anniversary. 
We look like such babies! 
And 6 years isn't even that long and we already have so many wrinkles! 
Kids & school & stress, man.... 

Since we've been married for 6 years now, I feel like it's about time I am honest with you all. 
Time to air our dirty laundry if you will. 

There are some things about Adam that I just.cannot.stand. 
Like I can't even believe we're together most days cause we're just so opposite in these areas. 

For one, he doesn't binge watch Netflix shows. 
Who does that??? 
How does he live?!?! 

He is consistently on time or early so then we end up sitting around waiting forever for things to start. He does not obey Tom & Jean-Ralphio's rule that you do not show up to parties on time! 
Seriously we're such losers. 

He also does not take pleasure in popping pimples. 
My one vice! 
And believe me, he gets some good ones 
Is he human?? 

Adam also does not think Disneyland is cool. 
I have been begging him to go every few months since we've been married. 
No. Since we've been dating. 
No! Since we've met!! 

The man only eats one, maybe two, servings at meals. 
I out-eat him! 
Like, I eat 4-5 tacos to his 2-3. 
A real man would eat more to support his wife's binges. 

However, he does have a huge affinity for ice cream that I just cannot compete with. 
And he insists on always have at least 3 different kinds of ice cream in our freezer. 
There's no room for my frozen thin mint oreos! 
Has he no courtesy? 

He enjoys running!! 
He's sick. 

Also, he has the tiniest bird legs that even if I ran my guts out I would never, ever achieve. 
I hate his good genetics. 

He insists on fixing things and building things around the house and hardly follows directions. 
He says he built a birdhouse or a flute or something in woodshop so now he's a genius. 
And he doesn't want to spend money. 
So like... he's resourceful and stuff. 

And cheap. 
The guys sticks to a budget and it's so annoying. 

Also, he LIKES looking at teeth!!! 
It's so gross! 
I hate dentists and now I'm married to one. 
Seriously, the worst. 

And sometimes he just insists on making me left when I just really really want to be mad. 
He's just the most frustrating husband ever. 

But I guess he's pretty good for me and he's fun and kind and loving and a good father and all that. 
So the 6 years has been pretty cool. 

Except he does leave his socks everywhere which is almost a deal breaker some days...

Each year with him has truly gotten better and better. 
And I can't wait for the many more years to come :) 


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Happy anniversary!!


Blair said...

This was the best. Happy anniversary! And I promise to never forget your anniversary since we were married the same day as you guys.

Alicia Snow said...

Haha hilarious! Happy anniversary!