Movie Night Date Kit

For Christmas I put together some fun date kits for our parents.
And 6 months later I'm finally ready to post about it :)

Although a trip to the movies is fun and exciting, for busy couples or couples with young children it can be hard to actually get out.
And sometimes Netflixing just won't cut it
(Especially when all you do is watch Netflix all day... loses its excitement).

So I wanted a gift that would be fun, simple, and help bring some more romance to regular boring nights in.

This would be a fun gift idea for an anniversary, holiday, or just a fun surprise to spice things up.

In my Movie Night Date Kit I included:
mini Martinellis
movie candy
hot chocolate (for those cold, snuggly nights)
and a gift card to Redbox

And if I didn't have to ship it I think it would've been fun to include a cozy blanket :)

What would you include in your date kit??

Happy dating!

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