Super-Elijah Birthday Party

For Elijah's 5th birthday he wanted a Superman party. 
He had been talking about it since the day after his 4th birthday so I felt quite a bit of pressure to make this party awesome and all his little dreams come true!

So I stayed up super late and spent a ridiculous amount of time on crazy crafts and decorations and it was total and utter chaos... HA! 

Elijah did say it was the best party ever and the kids left happy and hyped up on sugar. 

(I was so busy that I forgot to get pictures of everything but I was pretty proud of it before all the kids destroyed it)

My amazing friend sewed capes for all the kids to start their superhero training.
They then tested their superhero skills with an accuracy test of throwing darts at balloons, 
practiced using their x-ray vision for "pin the symbol on the Superman," 
and had a superhero obstacle course. 

There was an incident where one little boy got stabbed in the foot with a dart...
and juice and popcorn and Kryptonite suckers where everrrrrrrywhere... 
and it was total craziness and I never want to throw a party again until he's at least 8...
But from what I heard the kids still had a lot of fun! 
And I had a lot of fun with my annual use of creativity. :)

{But seriously no more parties until he's 8.}

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Amy's Fashion Blog said...

you did an amazing job with his birthday party.