(these pictures are actually from last month though. I need to take more!)

I can't believe this little love is already ten months! 
She's too big. 
Kind of breaks my heart. 
This time around it feels like everything is going way too fast and I can't soak it in enough. 

Anneli has been crawling for a few months now and cruises along furniture like a pro. 
She LOVES nursing and is finally starting to eat some real food. 
But won't take bottles. No sir! 

She's the happiest, most easy-going baby until it hits about 7-8pm and then she turns into a little, will-never-leave-mom's-side gremlin. 
She loves bath time!
So much so that even if she hears Elijah in the bath she will crawl as fast as her chubby little legs can move and finds him in the bathroom. 

She also loves Elijah and all his toys! 
His room is one of her favorite places which Elijah thinks it's great but kind of gives me a heart attack in the choking hazard department. 

Anything and everything goes in the mouth: 
lint, trash, rocks, leaves, old goldfish... 
But still no teeth. 
Which just makes her look more chubby and doll-like. 

She's the cheesiest, chubbiest, goofiest, sweetest, squishableest little thing ever!
I want her to stay my baby forever. 

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Amy's Fashion Blog said...

She adorable. Can't believe she 10 months already.