tulle & ruffles

[skirt: c/o eShakti  (similar here)// shirt: Ann Taylor found at a thrift store // shoes: Target // belt: vintage // earrings: gift]

I ordered this skirt before I found out I was pregnant and then once it came I was too sick to want to wear anything let alone something tight around my waist. 
And then when I was finally feeling somewhat better my stomach was too big to fit into it anymore. 
So basically I've been waiting over 1 year and a half to break out this baby and now I can't stop!

Favorite. Skirt. Ever! 

I told Adam it's like wearing my wedding dress every Sunday and I love love love it! 

And I think by dressing it down a bit with the ruffled top 
{are they considered ruffles??} 
and the leopard pumps helps make it a little more casual than, say, an actual wedding dress so I can actually get away with wearing it often. 

Plus I love this whole combination mixing textures and patterns together. 
They each can make bold statements on their own but can be paired together nicely as well.

But the question is: 
Can I be confident enough to wear such a fluffy skirt to the grocery store?? 
Only one way to find out. 

Happy Tuesday!


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Very chic outfit. I so want one of these skirts.


Gentri said...

I think this is so cute! I love your style posts. And hey, these days it's all about wearing big girly skirts with sneakers. So, go for it! :D

Lynnette said...

Megan, I didn't know that you were a blogger! Thank you for introducing me to eShakti. Who knew there was a place where you could customize everything. That is just what I need since I have a hard time finding things that fit just right. I am already drooling over some of the things that I see there! Thanks!