Some fun Elijah-isms for you today. 

The other day after Adam got him dressed for church and combed his hair, he went to look in the mirror and said, 
"Mom, mom, come here! Look! I look like Malfoy." 
Yes. Malfoy from Harry Potter. And no, we didn't tell him to say that. 
It was a proud mommy moment. Though I do wish he didn't look like Malfoy... 

Another Harry Potter reference. 
While watching Harry Potter tonight he said, 
"Look! That's Harry Potter's castle (Hogwarts). It's in Utah. I want to go to Utah too to see Jersey & Phoenix (his cousins)." 
Apparently all of Elijah's favorite things are in Utah: the BYU "Y" mountain, his cousins, and now Harry Potter. 

Almost every night at dinner, I ask Adam if it tastes okay. Mainly because I'm self-conscious and always am afraid I ruined it. Elijah has caught on to this "tradition" and he will ask each night, 
"Dad, it tastes okay? Mom, you taste okay? Now ask me." And then he wants me to ask him and he will say, "It's good!" 

After getting dressed up for church on Sunday Elijah said to me,
"Oh, Mom, you look so fancy!!"
I guess it's a miracle when I'm not in my pajamas. 

He's become the biggest sassy-pants lately! 
When I ask him to do something, or have to ask him multiple times, he says,
"o-KAY, Mom!"
Excuse me??? You are not 15. Do not start that. 

We have also had to have some very serious talks about him not body slamming mom in the mornings. Especially after a scary moment where my body cramped & seized up afterwards. He pretty much gets that there is a baby, more so when he sees the picture. But he doesn't quite understand that mom cannot move & play like before and he has to be so gentle.
Gentle is one word that doesn't quite describe Elijah... 

Elijah has gotten reallllly attached & emotional with me lately. 
Even when I'm mean & angry & moody all day to him all day, he's still obsessed with having me put him to sleep or cuddling or helping him to the simplest tasks. 
{I really am so undeserving of this little boy's love. Truly.} 
The other night [and also many other nights] he was so upset that Adam was putting him to bed instead of me he says, 
"Mom, I'm so sad! I just love you!! I'm going to miss you!" 
And then he walked away, pouting, hanging his head low as if he was on his way to the guillotine. 
Kind of broke my heart... but also I laughed really hard at his dramatics. 
[just like his mom ;)]

And that's my sweet little boy who puts a smile on my face every single day :)


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

So priceless!

Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly said...

LOVE the HP references!! :D

Alicia Snow said...

Harry Potter references= parenting done right.

Amber Marie said...

What a funny kid. I can't believe how old he looks. Wait till you have a newborn next to him!

Amber Marie said...

What a funny kid. I can't believe how old he looks. Wait till you have a newborn next to him!