I still love Braologie + a sale

Remember when I was all, "I LOVE BRAOLOGIE AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE!" 
And it seriously was an amazing product and I never felt more confident?? 

Yeah, I still feel all those things. And I still am so happy with my Braologie Posture Bra

After wearing my Braologie bra and vest I really can tell a difference in my posture. When I wear my old bras, I feel like they hardly make a difference and they are basically crap compared to my Braologie bra. 

And now I'm even happier because Braologie is having a great deal on their Bracie posture vests (used to be called Mini Vests).  From now until November 25th their Bracie posture vests are $25.99 PLUS free shipping! 

Their Bracie vests are really amazing and have helped me tremendously with my back pain and posture. I also love how much they have helped me feel more womanly in my very small frame. I highly recommend trying them out either with a Braologie posture bra or with your regular bra. 

You can check out more information about what the Bracie does here
And also order your very own Bracie during this great sale here

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Galaxia, a Nail Care Enthusiast ♥ said...

I bet these bras and accessories are amazing!