toddler activites: orange foam

Sometimes I'm a fun mom.
Or at least I've been trying really hard to be.

I've been trying to find more fun, hands-on activities to do with Elijah at home since my usual go-to's are reading, legos, watercoloring, and Netflixing Daniel Tiger.
Cause I'm really lame.

But I'm trying to be better.

One of the things I decided to try was making some "orange foam" as part of our 13 Days of Halloween.
[But really you can do any color, any time.]

Elijah had a lot of fun [after he realized it was okay to get messy ;)] and it was a fun way to learn about colors and how to introduce color mixing.
I sprayed a bunch of shaving cream on a cookie sheet and then added some red & yellow food coloring. Elijah had to mix it up to see how the colors made orange.
Then of course we played in it and tried to make foam pumpkins and snowmen.

It was a fun, messy, cologne-smelling sensory activity that I definitely want to try again with different colors.
And with a different kind of shaving cream cause... really we smelled like old men afterwards.


leean robinson said...

What a fun idea. I bet he really enjoyed this. Be careful with shaving cream, though, For a Joy School activity many years ago, I had the kids play with shaving cream on our kitchen table (since the top is formica) for an activity. It went really well but when I cleaned up the edges of our table were faded because the edges are wood and shaving cream can be very corrosive on many types of surfaces (including car paint). That was a live and learn lesson for me. So I thought I would pass that along to you. You were smart to put it in a pan!

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

I love this. Getting messy with your kids {especially boys} is always fun! I love doing shaving cream activities with my boys, they get a huge kick out of it!

Kndbbdjk said...

This looks like such a blast! :)