the other night, Elijah requested i sing "Party in the USA" while i tickled his back before bed. 
i don't know if i should be proud or concerned...

his friend Crue used to always have spiky hair and Elijah always talked about it.
whenever his hair isn't combed he will say, "look! just like Crue!"
the other day for school he requested that i make his hair "just like Crue's."
so i tried my best faux-hawk.
i think it's pretty cute! :)
{also, Crue moved away over the summer and we miss him lots over here!}

Elijah has been waking up at 6:30 every morning.
which means tomorrow i will again regret staying up and want to kill myself...

when i got home from the Relief Society , Elijah said he wanted to cuddle. so, being totally manipulated, i got him out of bed to cuddle a little on the couch (Adam had barely laid him down) and as we walked into the living room he said,
"Daaaaad!! I'm baaaaack!!"
{mockery at its finest}

yesterday my stomach growled and Elijah said,
"Mom, what's that noise?"
"Oh, it was just my tummy."
*giggling* "Moooomm!!" [then seriously] "You're peeing, Mom?"
um... no.

his new favorite show in The Magic School Bus.
i think i've done my job at parenting the next generation.

this little dialogue happened:
[warning: it's gross]
Elijah goes to the bathroom and then says,
"Mom, you don't eat brown poop. You can't eat brown poop or spiders or dragonflies or cactus or bugs or birds. You can't eat a lot of things."

then later he saw some bird poop on the stairs and after asking what it was he said,
"Oh, you can't eat bird poop. That's disgusting!!"

right you are buddy.

his friend Kinley was over to play and was wearing a dress and no pants. later when i had to change Elijah he told me he didn't want to wear his pants too, just like Kinley.
so he walked around for a while in his little underoos + cowboy boots.
[can you also see his little swim suit tan line? :)]

lately his favorite game is going in his closet with a blanket, some pillows, and a flashlight and pretending we are sleeping in a tent. he will tell me to close my eyes and go to sleep because "We are in a tent mom! It's so dark!"
it's fun, but really hot, game.

he's a pretty fun kid :)


Katie said...

Hahaha I loved your response to his peeing question.


Someday you are going to be SO happy that you kept a record of all these little things!

Megan Tenney said...

Magic School Bus is Carter's latest obsession too!