summer black + pops of color

Adam was laughing at some of my poses {which are not pictured} and I was pretty embarrassed...
top: c/o Persunmall // shorts: Forever 21 (4 years ago) // shoes: Target (2-ish years ago) // necklace: c/o Rhi's Designs

It's still pretty warm here so I haven't quite busted out the fall wardrobe yet. 
This is one of my favorite {and most comfortable} outfits that I wore throughout the summer with one of my new favorite tops from Persunmall

I was actually kind of wary about this top when I first ordered it. 
It was only one-size only and I didn't really know what that meant and how that would actually fit. 
But I actually love it and it has become one of my most worn shirts in my closet. 
It is great to wear with skinny jeans/leggings or tucked in to a pencil skirt or some pants. 
loooooove it! 

Also going along with things I was weird nervous about wearing in this outfit, 

I don't know why but in my mind I decided that black is only a winter color. 
I act as though if I try and wear mostly black outfits during spring or summer it would be like committing some kind of law against nature. 
Obviously people do wear black outside of winter and they look beyond classy and fabulous. 
But for me I just couldn't get over this irrational reasoning. 
{spring and summer only = lots and lots of bright colors!!}

But then when I pulled out these shorts in my drawer on a particularly hot day after I had gone through most of my skirts, I figured I would give the solid black look another try this summer and see how I feel about it. I tried to give it more of a summer-vibe by adding pops of color with the necklace and the shoes so I didn't feel too winter-depressed looking. 
And now it's one of my favorite outfits. 

Also... I obviously waaaaay over think my outfits. 

And over explain. 

So there's that.

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Anonymous said...

You look so put together. You shouldnt be wary of black atall, you are rocking it here. Love the floral prints of the top..
A hello from

Unknown said...

You. Are. GORGEOUS! I'm jealous of your beauty and confidence ;)

Brittany T. said...

you're so pretty! love the outfit girl!

Amberly said...

I love your outfit :) Your shirt is really cute!! And those necklaces are really fun!

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley said...

Love the colours! That top looks great on you, esp with the necklaces.

Ester DurĂ£es said...

wow I love the print on your top, it's gorgeous!
Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

Anonymous said...


1) loving the shorts, such a perfect length

2) my hubby is also called Adam - imagine that!

3) I just returned to blogging - yay for me!

Sherry said...

As always, such a great look on you! Loving that top!