pumpkin carving

Some things you should always do while carving {painting} pumpkins:

:: don't have plans. cause they won't work.

:: and keep it simple. so that you won't be disappointed when your complicated plans fail.

:: mix the paint colors. and add black to everything. cause YOLO.

:: remember that newspapers doesn't protect from toddlers

:: wear goggles. cause pumpkin guts are harmful...?

:: don't get in between a toddler and his paint.

:: pick your nose #yolo

:: don't carve pumpkins 13 days before Halloween because they will rot quickly in the Arizona heat.
fun times.

And I forgot to take an after picture before the aforementioned rotting occurred.
But just know they looked awesome.
And Elijah cried when we had to throw them away.
Which has to mean he had a great time right?

Family memories in the making. :)

also... WINNERS! 
the winner of the Genghis Grill gift cards (2 gift cards each) are.... Anna & Megan T.!!
and the winner of the Cafe Zupas gift card is.... Karoline K.!! 
CONGRATULATIONS!! I will be emailing you ladies soon. :) 


Kimberly said...

Fun! Having a toddler is making Halloween so much fun over here too. And our pumpkin rotted in a week and it wasn't even hot in Salt Lake. Luckily (?) we have six more to carve. :)

Megan Tenney said...

Hooray! We drive by Genghis Grill all the time and Daniel is dying to go! Thank you!!