big trucks

Last weekend I took Elijah to see the big trucks at the Glendale Touch-A-Truck event. 
They had semis, fire trucks, tractors, buses (and a double decker bus!), construction trucks, and more that all the kids could play in and explore. They got to push all the buttons and learn how the trucks work too. Which meant lots of horns being honked all at once. :) 

Elijah loved it and actually did surprisingly well walking around. 
I was nervous to take him {alone} because I thought for sure he would run away and not listen the entire time. And though I did have to put up with some whining and a little bit of wandering (the lines were really long), he did really great for the most part and seemed to have a lot of fun. 

The one thing he didn't really like though was how high the trucks were. 
He would get so excited to finally have his turn inside the truck but then once he looked down and saw that he was far from the ground, he would kind of freak out. 

At one point I asked him if he wanted to see the tractor but he saw how big it was and said no. So we got in line for the fire truck instead. Then as we had to leave to go pick up Adam, he started crying because he wanted to see the tractor. 
I tried to tell him that he had his chance already and now it was time to go. 
But of course reasoning with a toddler is like reasoning with a terrorist. 
So the screaming and wailing continued the whole way home. 

Later when Adam would ask him about the big trucks, the only way Elijah would describe the experience was,
"I saw the fire truck but Mom said no to da tractor. She say 'No, no' and I cry." 

I know, mom of the year. 
I traumatized my kid by my rules. 

But I think the cool construction hat that he's been sporting all week makes up for it. :)


ahappygirl said...
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ahappygirl said...

Awwww....I think that very wonderful and fabulous hat makes up for all the rest! Hehe. You are a remarkable momma, don't ever forget that!