This is what {the fun parts} of being quarantined looks like around here.

This last week, Elijah has been under a strict quarantine after being diagnosed with hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD). He couldn't go to school, the park, the mall, the library, soccer, or church. All things he asked about every.day. for a week while we were jailed inside our smallll apartment.
[and boy, did we really feel how small our apartment really is...]

It was really hard to try to explain to a 3-year-old why we had to stay home and he wasn't allowed to see any of his friends or go out in public. 
It was even harder to try to help him understand what was happening to his little body at the beginning and why he had "ouchies" everywhere that itched super bad and "had red on it." 
[You can see the sores in the pictures above.]

m i s e r a b l e

About 5 days into Elijah's quarantine, Adam then got sick with something [pretty sure not with HFMD] and was out of commission for pretty much 2 days. 
{And may I point out, this was right at the peak of Elijah's cabin craaaaazzziness.}
And so we were forced inside some more missing a birthday party and our church's trunk-or-treat.

So... we did our best to make the most out of the worst week ever. 
We made a fort and built a Lego fire to "roast" marshmallows
{"just like the fire at gramma's house with Travis!"}
lots of baths & oatmeal baths 
played with sidewalk chalk 
built a rocket ship & made an astronaut helmet 
started our 13 Days of Halloween by carving [painting] pumpkins & playing with orange foam 
and watched looooots for Dora & Daniel Tiger 

As much as these pictures make it look like we had fun, it was seriously horrible. 
I didn't realize how much I depended on taking Elijah to school and going to activities to help give me a break and give him better ways to use up his energy. 
And how much it has actually helped with Elijah's overall stubborness & sassiness

Being stuck inside the apartment did absolutely NO GOOD for this little crazy energetic boy.
This is pretty much how he looked {and I felt} by the end of the week. 

There were quite a few times that I had to lock myself in the room just to breathe. 
I decided Elijah is definitely a child that needs two parents for his survival. 
To say it's a miracle we all got through this last week is quite the understatement. 

Good thing that kid can be incredibly sweet & cute when he wants to be... 
his saving grace. 

Now, for completely scrubbing my whole apartment so we don't have to repeat this again. 
effing germs.


Kndbbdjk said...

Aww man, I hope you are free and clear from here on out! The activities look fun, but I'm sure it was really mostly exhausting. Also, his big brown eyes are so stinkin cute!

KaseyQ said...

My 3-year-old had the flu just after Christmas and I thought I was going. to. lose. it. She’s the kind of kid that when she doesn’t feel good she cries. And whines. And that seems to be the ONLY way she can communicate. Oh, and she hung allll over me. I feel your pain. Hang in there momma!

Anonymous said...

Awwww poor little guy! I hope he gets well soon!

Unknown said...

That sounds like quite the week... I'm glad you survived! :) Hope things get back to normal soon!

Unknown said...

Oh you poor things!! :( I hope it's all gone and you never have to do that again!

Amberly said...

Ah, how awful!! But way to go for making it as fun for him as possible!!!!

April @ Hansen Love said...

You are such a trooper! Way to go! it looks like you did make it a little more fun than just sitting around and watching tv (that is what I would've done) hope things are much better though! Much love!


Blair said...

Sorry it was a hard week! I love his expressions in the last pictures.

Happie Reading said...

awww poor little man, although he sure does look adorable! wearing those high heels was so dang cute! By the way, your blog is adorable. So happy i stumbled across it. Hopefully you can swing by mine sometime!

xo, Kelsey Belle | Happie Reading Blog